Artist Spotlight with Biscuit: Interview with Bassist Uriah Duffy

Artist Spotlight with Biscuit: Interview with Bassist Uriah Duffy
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Meet Biscuit –

In this April/May 2010 edition of Bass Musician Magazine, I welcome a man who can lay it down in any style of music you can mention, at an amazingly high standard as well. This player is capable of covering all styles, from Hip Hop to Metal, and every thing in between. He has played with some of the most respected artists in the world, and also writes and performs his own material. So let’s get down to business and introduce you all to this month’s Artist in the Spotlight, Mr. URIAH DUFFY, of Whitesnake & Lyrics Born.

BISCUIT: Hi Uriah, and welcome to the Artist’s Spotlight with Biscuit. I hear you have just returned from a well earned rest. May I ask where you spent your vacation, and what were you up to while you were away?

URIAH: Yeah, I was in Colombia with my girlfriend Amy, and it was amazing. One of the reasons that she picked Colombia was because it was a place that I hadn’t been to before, so we thought it would be a good idea to check it out. Just after I got back, I ran off to do two fly-out dates with Lyrics Born, both being freezing gigs in Colorado.

BISCUIT: What were you engaged in musically just before your trip to Colombia, as well as the4 gigs in Colorado? Were you still working with Whitesnake?

URIAH: Well, before taking on any potential travel work, I like to check in with Whitesnake and make sure that we won’t have any scheduling conflicts. Seeing as Whitesnake is on a bit of a touring hiatus this year, I have the freedom to tour with other bands. One of those bands is Lyrics Born, where I am the bassist & musical director. Lyrics is a live Rap guy with a rock funk R&B band backing him.

More recently, I was coming back from the airport today, and stopped by to pick up a CD of an album that I worked on, but had not heard yet. I finally got to hear it at last, although unmixed. It’s a new project with drummer Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta), a friend I’ve known for many years. It’s Slammin!

BISCUIT: Am I right in saying that you are predominantly a freelance bass player, and that you enjoy playing with many bands and covering all the genres including R&B, Jazz, Rock, soul and pop, as well as funk, rock, and metal as well? Do you have a favourite style of playing?

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    April 2, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    Uriah is a Wonderful guy who is a real “Star” on and off the stage. A Great player, with real skill and imagination on the bass in all styles of music.
    It was a real pleasure speaking with such a genuine person.

  2. Jaime Vazquez

    Jaime David Vazquez

    April 3, 2010 at 12:15 am

    Great interview Biscuit!!! Uriah is a very versatile bass player!!! Amazing!!! 🙂

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I am known as "BISCUIT" and I am a self-taught bass guitarist of some 19 years now. I play 5 and 6 string Spector basses exclusively, and have used them all with many bands during live and recording work over the years. I am predominantly a "Solo" artist these days, but will play with any musicians if the circumstances are right. I am an endorsee/Artist for SPECTOR bass guitars and also an Endorsee/ambassador for HARTKE bass amplification systems. All of the above recognitions I am very proud of, and to be recognized by the likes of Spector and Hartke is very flattering indeed and I thank them all for their friendship and support. I am currently working on material for my second solo album, which is keeping me busy at the moment. Having said that... If anyone out there should require some "Biscuitised" bass on their projects, please do not hesitate in contacting me. My influences are so varied, that there is not enough room here to list them all, but in the world of Bass, my top 4 are Jaco Pastorius, Billy Sheehan, John Myung and Mike Inez. Bands and Artists are way too numerous, but I would say my biggest influences are from the world of rock, with the likes of... Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Journey, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy and more recently, and probably the best of all are, Dream Theater. I am a big lover of grunge too, so Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam are up there in a very big way. Having said that, I love the great jazz, blues and soul artists too (i.e. JACO, Stu Hamm, Marcus Miller and the like). If you would like to get deeper, then drop me a line and I will be glad to give you the full range. I use Spector Bass guitars exclusively, and my main weapons these days, are a 5 string Euro LX Custom fretless and a 6 String Euro LX both fitted with two EMG Soapbar pick ups, and my basses are only ever laid with Rotosound strings.... Roundwound Jazz bass 77's on the custom fretless, and Swing Bass 66's on the 6 string. I use Hartke Amplification exclusively also, which includes a HA5500 head and two-4x10 XL cabs. I also use a Hartke "Bass attack pedal/DI box, and a Harke HS 1200 1X15 kickback combo for home practice and teaching. I also use a BOSS GT-6B bass effects processor, which is really being put through its paces at the moment.... Great tool!!! I use KLOTZ cables, and also for live work, an Audio Technica wireless system. Visit online: www.myspace.com/biscuitandbass4

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