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Review: Warwick RockBass Triumph Lite 4 String Electric Upright

Warwick RockBass Triumph Lite 4 String Electric Upright

Warwick, their motto is “The Sound of Wood”, and that is exactly what you get with the Warwick RockBass Triumph Lite 4 String Electric Upright.

The bass weighs in at 12lbs and is solid as a rock with the maple neck, body, bridge, and rosewood fingerboard. What I immediately noticed about the neck was the contour and shape like that of a traditional upright bass. This made it very comfortable to transition from the traditional upright to the Triumph. The neck is an Eb neck, the tuning pegs are vintage style and the maple bridge is adjustable to your height preference. The electronics include a 9 volt active bridge with passive EQ and controls for volume and tone. All hardware is chrome and body colors are available in black, white, and red.

Performing with the bass presented no issues. There is an extension arm for the bass in order to rest it upon yourself and there is an adjustable body mounted extension for those that like to play on the higher portion of the neck and need some kind of reference point as you would get on a traditional upright, with height adjustments for your preference. The sound produced by the Triumph is similar, if not identical, to that of a traditional upright. The factory strings that come installed can be changed out with any brand of upright string. The factory strings are flatwound gauges 049 to 107. I can’t stress enough how much fun this bass is to perform with pizzicato and bowed, and not only that, it is a lot easier to transport than a traditional upright. The Warwick RockBass Triumph Lite 4 String Electric Upright comes with a gig bag that has tow pockets for cables, tuner, and other items. It can be carried either with the shoulder strap or the handle.

If you are looking to get into the world of electric uprights, the Warwick RockBass Triumph Lite 4 String Electric Upright is definitely worth a look, and you will end up taking it with you. Check out one at a Warwick retailer near you!

Video with Steve Bailey: 


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