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Rocco Prestia – Bass Musician Magazine, February 2015 Issue

Interview with Rocco Prestia – Bass Musician Magazine, February 2015 Issue

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Bass Musician Magazine February 2015

His full name is Francis Rocco Prestia, but he is most often referred to simply as Rocco. He is the driving force, along with Drummer David Garibaldi, of the funkiest and arguably the most soulful band in the land: Tower of Power. Rocco’s staccato 16th notes, ghost notes and muted left hand techniques are all the subjects of well documented legend. The man can lay down the finger funk. It’s a percolating, undulating, funkifized, mix of velvety smooth muted 16th notes, burping with ghost notes and stutters, all delivered via the sledgehammer of soul. And it’s all locked up tight with Tower of Power’s other phenom, drummer David Garibaldi. READ MORE



  1. funky finger

    April 22, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    Rocco is the bess bassman in the whole world. Preiod.

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