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Expanding the Slap Bass Vocabulary with Ray Riendeau – Groove #4


Expanding the Slap Bass Vocabulary with Ray Riendeau – Groove #4

Hello fellow bassists!

This slap groove incorporates all the techniques we?ve been discussing in the past articles including the “Rake Down and Up”. All the fretted notes are attacked with the left hand hammer on and all the percussive notes are played with combinations of thumb, pops and raking. As always take it slow and play evenly at first. This groove will sound great over an Am or A7 chord(s).


L = Left Hand

H = Hammer On

T = Thumb (2 T?s in a row is Thumb down followed by Thumb up)

P1 = Pop Index Finger

P2 = Pop Middle Finger

X = Percussive Note (notated on string being attacked)

RD = Rake Down (fanning your finger(s) in a downward motion across


H = Hammer On

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