Damian Erskine Reviews the Stadium Bag by GruvGear

stadium-bag-featuresI’ve been getting some emails asking about my thoughts about GruvGear’s new “Stadium Bag”. Figured that I might as well do a little video review! Visit online at gruvgear.com About Damian ErskineDamian Erskine is not your ordinary bass player.  While not touring, Damian hones his chops with some of the best jazz and latin musicians […]

Cecil McBee | “Saxophone Summit – Seraphic Light”

  Cecil McBee “Saxophone Summit – Seraphic Light”For the first time since Michael Brecker’s all too early departure, Joe Lovano and Dave Liebman have reconvened the Saxophone Summit to pay homage to the also dearly missed John Coltrane.  In addition, Alice Coltrane had passed within days of Michael Brecker.  I would argue that, not since […]

Steve Uccello | “Symmetria” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

Steve-Uccello-oct09Meet Reviewer Damian Erskine - Connect with Damian in the Community Steve Uccello “Symmetria” www.steveuccello.com To be honest, this CD has all the makings of something that I would pop in for a second, skip around & put in the donation pile. It’s a bassists solo CD in which he plays every instrument with a […]

Recommended ‘Reading’ With Damian Erskine: Jake Kot | “An Artistic Guide to Economic Survival”

an-artistic-guide-to-ecomomic-survivalMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Jake Kot “An Artistic Guide to Economic Survival” When Jake told me that he was writing a book about economic survival as an artist, I immediately thought a few things: 1) Very cool.  I know Jake has a wealth of experience, is a good teacher and is totally articulate.  This’ll […]

Product Review FOLLOW UP With Damian Erskine: “AmpKit VS PocketAmp”

pocketampAmpkit  VS  Pocket Amp So I’ve gotten quite a few messages since posting my review of Peavey’s Ampkit software for iPhone.  Some were praising the software and some said, “what about Pocketamp??”.  I also happened to be invited to test out PocketAmp as well, so I thought I’d follow up with a comparison of the […]

Product Review With Damian Erskine: Peavey | “AmpKit + Link”

AmpKit-PosterMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Peavey Ampkit & Ampkit Link (www.peavey.com/ampkitlink) While I don’t normally tend to do product reviews, I’ve come across a new piece of software for the iPhone & iPad that is pretty darned impressive and I wanted to let you know about it.  The Peavey AmpKit software is, essentially, an amp […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Jeff Berlin | “High Standards”

JefCD1_resizedMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Jeff Berlin “High Standards” (www.jeffberlinmusic.com) Iconic 4-string virtuoso Jeff Berlin has released an ambitious album of standards in a trio setting.  Accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Richard Drexler on both bass and piano and Danny Gottlieb on drums, Jeff definitely takes center stage and gives us his trademark chorus-saturated tone and dextrous […]

Recommended ‘Learning’ With Damian Erskine: Roy Vogt | “Teach Me Bass Guitar”

Teach Me Bass GuitarMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Roy Vogt “Teach Me Bass Guitar” (www.teachmebassguitar.com) While I normally only review CDs, I was sent a full copy of Roy Vogt’s new 10 disc DVD instructional series, “Teach Me Bass Guitar” and had to tell a few of you about it. While there are a lot of great instructional […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Esperanza Spalding | “Chamber Music Society”

Chamber Music SocietyMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Esperanza Spalding “Chamber Music Society” (www.esperanzaspalding.com) Following the release of “Esperanza” which enjoyed 70 or so weeks on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts, “Chamber Music Society” is a mature and enjoyable fusion of her Classical Chamber Music roots and Jazz sensibilities.  We hear the return of Leo Genovese on Piano […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Ray Riendeau | “Atmospheres”

mybanner49cb08f33c6f2Meet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Ray Riendeau “Atmospheres” (www.myspace.com/rayriendeau) My good friend and killer bassist Ray Riendeau (‘ree-end-oh’…  you’re welcome) is about to release an album of original material that very well may be one of the most shredding albums I’ve heard in years. Featuring guys like Alex Machacek, David “Fingers” Haynes, Lalle Larsson, Marco […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Stanley Clarke | “The Stanley Clarke Band”

Stanley Clarke BandMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Stanley Clarke “The Stanley Clarke Band” (www.stanleyclarke.com) This newest release from icon Stanley Clarke is poised to impress in every way.  This may be my favorite of Stanley’s lineups (and having mentioned that he may not to another electric album for quite some time, we would do well to soak […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: John Goldsby | “The Innkeeper’s Gun”

Innkeepers_Gun_CoverMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ John Goldsby “The Innkeeper’s Gun” (www.goldsby.de) This recording of John Goldsby (BS), Jacob Duncan (alto) & Jason Tiemann (drms) is very intentionally “carrying on the traditiion of Ornette Coleman and Sonny Rollins while expanding the trio style and adding our own voices to the music” with all original material (& […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Anthony Jackson | “Interspirit”

InterspiritMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Anthony Jackson & Yiorgos Fakanas “Interspirit” (www.anthonyjackson.com) The world has long awaited a debut recording by one of Bass histories most highly-regarded and seminal players, Anthony Jackson. Bass players and fusion lovers rejoice as ‘Interspirit’ is some fusion of the highest order. I’m not entirely sure I personally would call […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Dave Holland Octet | “Pathways”

PathwaysMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Dave Holland Octet “Pathways” (www.daveholland.com) I’m not even sure why this album requires a review of any kind.  Any music lover or fan of Dave Holland should just be buying this album regardless of what I have to say (he’s one of those guys for me and should be for […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: The Britton Brothers Band | “Uncertain Living”

Uncertain LivingMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ The Britton Brothers Band “Uncertain Living” (www.myspace.com/thebrittonbrothers) The Britton Brothers (Saxophonist Ben & Trumpeter John) along with Tenor Saxophonist extraordinaire Chris Potter (guesting on two tracks), Bassist Taylor Waugh & Drummer Austin Walker has been deemed “state-of-the-art creative mainstream jazz”.  I can’t say I disagree!  I wouldn’t generally use a […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Gretchen Parlato | “In A Dream”

in a dreammeet reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Gretchen Parlato “In A Dream” (www.gretchenparlato.com) It’s going to be hard to express to you just how blown away by this album I am.  Gretchen displays amazing and equal amounts of grace, phrasing, time feel, control and diction when she sings but, beyond that.. we finally have a jazz vocalist […]

Gear Review by Damian Erskine: Gruv Gear’s “V-Cart Solo”

vcart-base-configurationsMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Gruv Gear “V-Cart Solo” (www.gruvgear.com) Although I’ve never done a physical product review, when I brought the V-Cart Solo to the attention of BMM staffers they all agreed…  “VERY cool.  Hey, you should write about it!”.  Although I normally would’ve declined and passed the buck, I just LOVE this cart […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: David Binney | “Aliso”

AlisoMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ David Binney “Aliso” (www.davidbinney.com) David Binney is, in case you didn’t know, a part of the NY elite.  He has played with just about everyone and plays in some of the hippest groups we may never be fortunate enough to see live in this country (unless you live in NY, […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Bill Carrothers | “Joy Spring”

Joy SpringMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Bill Carrothers “Joy Spring” (www.bridgeboymusic.com) Pianist Bill Carrothers brings together one hell of a trio with the inclusion of Drew Gress on Bass and Bill Stewart on Drums.  While the album is named after Clifford Brown’s composition, “Joy Spring”, this is no ‘tribute in the style of’ type of recording.  […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Mark Weinstein | “Timbasa”

TimbasaMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Mark Weinstein “Timbasa” (www.jazzfluteweinstein.com) Mark Weinstein is amazing.  Initially making his mark as a trombonist in 1967 with his “Cuban Roots” by combing post-bebop and afro-cuban drumming while later helping to define Salsa trombone as a member of  Eddie Palmieri’s “La Perfecta” (check THAT stuff out, too!).  Mark played trombone […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Satoko Fujii Orchestra, Tokyo | “Zakopane”

ZakopaneMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo “Zakopane” (www.satokofujii.com) woah..  This ain’t your grand-daddies big band album.  The most obvious comparison (just to give you a ball-park idea) is John Zorn.  But that really isn’t very accurate…  This 15 piece band sounds more classically trained to my ears.  It’s obvious that these players […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Jean-Michel Pilc | “True Story”

True StoryMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Jean-Michel Pilc “True Story” (www.jmpilc.com) Jean-Michel Pilc is the kind of player who has transcended the connection he has with his instrument.  When he plays, he is playing the Music, not the piano.  And the music he hears is both beautiful and challenging.  His technical ability on the piano is […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Ryan Keberle | “Heavy Dreaming”

Heavy DreamingMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Ryan Keberle “Heavy Dreaming” (www.ryankeberle.com) Admittedly, I had yet to hear trombonist Ryan Keberle prior to receiving this album for potential review.  I can tell you, tho, about 30 seconds into the first track, I knew that I wanted to listen all of the way through and tell you all […]

Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Robby Ameen | “Days in the Life”

Days in the LIfeMeet Reviewer Damian Erskine ~ Robby Ameen “Days in the Life” (www.robbyameen.com) For those of you who know who Robby Ameen is, you already know you should go buy this album now.  For the rest of you, although Lebanese in origin, Robby is an icon of the Afro-Cuban jazz scene in New York City.  From […]