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Dave Tuckman

Dave Tuckman

Dave is the owner and founder of Since opening their virtual doors in 1998, has grown to become the Ultimate Online Resource of Educational Material for the Bass Guitar. We carry over 1,000 titles in stock for quick delivery - we try to provide the best samples we can on each title, giving you the best idea of what's 'under the cover'. At last count, we had provided service to customers in over 80 countries across the world. As a player, Dave started playing the Bass over 30 years ago, but had to set it down for some time. he's recently picked it back up, taking lessons t 'get back in the game', and enjoying it more than ever. For more information, please contact Dave via directly. PO Box 19158 San Diego CA 92159  USA Toll-Free:                                     1-877-422-2772 (USA & Canada) International & Local:                1-619-905-4467 Fax:                                               1-619-749-5517 Email:                                            [email protected] Web:                                    

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