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Jaime Vazquez

Jaime Vazquez

Jaime David Vazquez was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and started with classical guitar and music theory lessons at age 16. He entered the Interamerican University to study music education and bought a bass and started gigging with lots of bands, artists and performing in studio sessions.  With such a busy schedule, Jaime had to put his studies on hold for a while; when the time was right, he returned to the university but he changed his main instrument from classical guitar to double bass and electric bass. Jaime loves the low frequencies in music. He believes that the bass is still a young instrument with lots of possibilities that have not been explored enough. He likes everything that grooves but he thinks that the bass is a great lead voice with a great register too. His playing is influenced not only by bass players, but also by other instrumentalists such as guitarists, pianists, woodwind players, etc. For Jaime, innovation is the key. He is a pioneer, an enthusiastic who loves music and his instrument. He's also a multi-instrumentalist, clinician, composer, arranger, transcriber, studio musician, music educator, freelance and solo artist. He has played in several TV shows, concerts and festivals with artists such as David Bisbal, Gloria Trevi, Rawy, Luis Fonsi, Olga Tañon, Lourdes Robles, Wilkins, Noelia, Shalim, Obey Bermudez, Samuel Hernandez, Tony Vega, Blest; Sheila Romero and Humberto Ramirez and others. Also, he has recorded jingles for TV shows, commercials, etc. An overall bass player currently playing in several musical projects from rock to jazz, studio sessions, clinics, workshops, etc. Jaime David Vazquez is endorsed by Radial Engineering, SIT strings, DeLano pickups, Ashdown amps, Eventide, Eminence speakers, Analysis Plus Inc. cables, Italia Leather straps, MTD Basses, Scratch Pad Guitar Finish Protectors, Hipshot Products Inc., iGig gig bags/cases, Morley Pedals, Gruv Gear and JDV Series Custom Bass Cabs.

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