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Selina Metoxen

Selina Metoxen

Former A&R Rep and Booking Agent in Los Angeles and former Journalist/Editorial Administrator for the Santa Monica Observer, Selina started playing the bass seriously in 2012. Since then, she has played shows across the country and has appeared on three albums: Joey Kline's "Rude Is The New Polite", "The Music Therapy Experiment's "Egg Salad Surgery" (a limited beta release) and The Music Therapy Experiment's debut album "Make It Home." She was born and raised in Mobile Alabama and has lived in places such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego and Tulsa, to name a few, before moving back to her hometown. "The Fox" is a nickname that was given to her to describe the way she plays billiards and it also happens to be her favorite animal. Selina runs the Facebook page for bass players called The Low Down and is currently in the band The Music Therapy Experiment lead by Dr. John Kline.
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