Review: Peter Iwers Ibanez PIB3 Peter Iwers In Flames Signature Bass

Peter Iwers Ibanez PIB3 Peter Iwers In Flames Signature BassAnother yet amazing product from Ibanez, the Peter Iwers In Flames PIB3 Signature Bass. This bass really sounds as cool as it looks. The bass is constructed of a mahogany body with a 5 piece maple neck, rosewood fingerboard complete with 24 frets, a PIB3 inlay on the 12th fret, and the mono-rail IV bridge. […]

Seven7 Release Video Featuring Fretless Bass Player Arran McSporran

Bassist-Arran-McSporran-of-De-Profundis-2Fretless Bass Player Arran McSporran Featured in Seven7 Release Video… band Seven7 have just released their music video for the song “Free” from their upcoming third album “The Follower”, which will be released in November 2014 through MGP records. The band is known for mixing progressive metal and world music with strong rock vocal melodies. […]

David Ellefson Signature Bass – Kelly Bird V Bass

David Ellefson Signature Bass - Kelly Bird V BassJackson is pleased to announce the David Ellefson Signature Bass – Kelly Bird V Bass …And two new Jackson Custom Shop limited edition guitars, charged with new features, and designed for speed and killer looks. David Ellefson Signature Kelly Bird V Bass The five-string David Ellefson Kelly Bird bass features a basswood body with Ellefson’s signature […]

Review – Glass Guitar Picks Handmade by Rosemary Pierro

Glass Guitar Picks by Rosemary PierroThis month we take a closer look at Borosilicate Glass Guitar picks, handmade by Rosemary Pierro on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii. About Raul AmadorRaul Amador serves as the Executive Editor of Bass Musician Magazine and is the Co-founder of V.I.E., LLC, publisher of virtual magazines, | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | More Posts (599)

Review – Glasses, No Glasses Amanda Ruzza & Mauricio Zottarelli

Amanda Ruzza and Mauricio Zottarelli - Glasses, No GlassesNew CD by Bassist Amanda Ruzza, & Mauricio Zottarelli - Glasses, No Glasses… Amanda Ruzza is pure energy!  I really enjoyed her first album “This is What Happened”, and was highly impressed by her live performances at Winter NAMM 2013. It was at this NAMM show that I got to experience Amanda’s tight interaction and […]

Carole Kaye Bass Transcription, Theme from Mission: Impossible

51JZX9ZS5RL copyTheme from Mission: Impossible - Carole Kaye Bass Transcription… The theme from this iconic tv and movie franchise almost follows a Gm blues format, made more interesting by odd length sections and the 5/4 metre. Carole Kaye navigates these brilliantly, holding down the groove for most of the piece, but adding in flourishes and runs to […]

Esperanza Spalding Bass Transcription, Radio Song from Radio Music Society

esperanza-spalding-front-aug2010Radio Song from Radio Music Society – Esperanza Spalding Bass Transcription… Radio Song is the first track from Esperanza Spalding’s 2012 album ‘Radio Music Society’ and it demonstrates perfectly her use of melody, harmony and rhythm. The tonal center is based around A minor, but moves through other keys with the help of altered dominant […]