John Myung: The Progression Towards Excellence – Bass Musician Magazine, April 2014 Issue

John Myung - Bass Musician Magazine - April 2014There are few players that can be attributed to having pushed the boundaries in their respective genres. Not only in sheer influence but also in technical mastery of their instruments. Among bassists, we have known one man who has held down the foundation for the band that has reshaped progressive rock as we know it […]

Smart Bass Guitar Announces New Featured Interview with Zander Zon

Smart Bass Guitar Announces New Featured Interview with Zander ZonBass guitar blog, Smart Bass Guitar, announces the release of a new featured interview with solo bassist and composer, Zander Zon. This interview is the most recent interview Zander Zon has had since early 2013 with Institute of Bass. The 13-question featured piece covers topics exploring more of the musical background of Zander Zon as well […]

Interview With Nathan East – Bass Musician Magazine, March 2014 Issue {PDF}

nathan east - bass musician magazine - march 2014CLICK COVER TO OPEN PDF About Rick SuchowRick Suchow has been an in-demand bassist on the live New York music scene for more than three decades, logging nearly 4000 gigs in a career that has taken him from Lincoln Center to the White House. He is also a songwriter whose tunes have charted on Billboard, […]

Bass On Broadway: Interview with Michael Pisculli by Ty Campbell

Bass On Broadway -Interview with Michael PisculliIn this first interview, the first of several to come in the series, Bass On Broadway, Nashville, TN, we speak with Michael Pisculli about playing bass on Broadway. Michael has been in Nashville since 2011 and is one of many fine and talented bassists working the scene. What influenced you to choose bass as your […]

Nathan East: Dramatic Debut Solo Album – Bass Musician Magazine, March 2014 Issue

nathan east - bass musician magazine - march 2014It’s late January in New York City and we’re in the middle of the worst winter in two decades. It’s so bad that weathermen are using words like “polar vortex” and offering bone-chilling forecasts of sub-zero wind chills. But for one night, one brief beautiful night, on the third floor inside the Yamaha Piano Salon on […]

Giuseppe Patane’: The Da Vinci of Bass – Bass Musician Magazine, February 2014 NAMM Issue

Bass Musician Magazine - Feb 2014 NAMM IssueClick the Cover to Read the February 2014 NAMM Issue About Andreas FarmakalidisAndreas Farmakalidis is a freelance acoustic & electric bass player based in CA. A graduate from the esteemed Berklee College of Music (BMus) as well as from Brandeis University (MA), he has gained wide ranging international experience as a performer as well as […]

The Memorials – Inside of Delirium, Interview by Tim Risser

The Memorials current pic courtesy of Team Hans managementEvery band needs a nucleus- a center of gravity- that one component to propel the music to a new level. For most bands it falls on the singer to be that key cog in the machine spinning the gears and pulling you towards them. Other bands in the world of rock, blues or alternative rely […]

Interview with Italian Bassist and Composer Alberto Rigoni by Mike Emiliani

Interview With Bassist and Composer Alberto Rigoni by Mike EmilianiSo much to say about Italian bassist and composer, Alberto Rigoni and so little time! Rigoni’s musical projects are as far as they are diverse in sound and composition. Rigoni is best known for his bass work with the progressive metal band, Twinspirits alongside singer Göran Nyström, drummer Darlo Ciccioni and guitar players Daniele Liverani and Tommy Ermolli. Twinspirts have […]

Will Howard – One of Chicago’s Hardest Working Bassists by Vuyani Wakaba

Will Howard - Chicago Bassist-1On any given day or night of the week, if you are in Chicago, you can find Chicago bassist Will Howard hard at work.  Whether it is corporate events, recording sessions, or club dates, Will juggles all of these gigs on any given day.  In addition to working as a bassist, Will Howard gets called […]