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The Staff… What’s coming… and Some Thoughts

Editor's Notes

The Staff… What’s coming… and Some Thoughts

In a recent conversation I had with bassist Billy Dickens, we talked at great length about the relevance of the bass community’s interaction with each other, and the potential impact that could ensue with the growth of that phenomenon.  I personally can testify to the fact that my musical life, actually, let me restate that… I can testify that my “life” in general has certainly taken what I’d call a positive turn after having the opportunity to interview, and for a moment in time truly connect with the great artists I’ve had the pleasure to speak to. That “connection”, and all that is encompassed and learned within that brief conversation for one to consider is the “heart” of what we’re trying to accomplish with this publication. Knowledge is power. Being open to listening and considering someone’s thoughts, who has already achieved a certain level of “success” (whatever that noun may personally represent for you) is just plain smart.

So in an effort to help create an added environment for putting these philosophical one-liners I’m throwing at you into action, I’m glad to announce the coming of the “World-Wide Bass Community” to the magazine in the very near future. For the price of a couple of lattes from Starbucks per month you will be able to be a part of what we hope will be the most interactive bass community site to date. We’re creating an outlet with this community for established professionals as well as newcomers to network on many levels, whether they’re an individual artist, group, or a bass related business. This will be an online resource that will offer anyone the opportunity to connect with players, industry professionals, and educational professionals on a level that hasn’t been offered before, sporting a vast array of options to fit any individuals needs, and will be set up in a fashion that will put “you” in charge of your space, so updates of any kind can happen at any time. You will literally have a designated space to promote yourself or your business, and yes, we’ll actually have a section in the forum called “Shameless Self Promotion”… let’s just call a spade a spade. Upcoming events, promotional advertising, gig opportunities, on and on it goes, and it will be available to anyone interested. Bottom line, it’s a tough business out there right now. But after seriously thinking through this social community construct, I just can’t see it doing anything less than helping all involved in some capacity, and I hope I’ve gained your trust as an editor when I make the statement, “that’s what we’re here for”.

In addition to all that we have planned, I’m also happy to welcome to BMM five new staff members to our continually growing roster. Ric Fierabracci, who we interviewed in our Feb/March issue, comes on board with his column “Ric’s Rant”. Ric has a clever wit and a keen insight into the business, and I recommend checking him out. Bassist Tim Seisser joins us with his DVD review column which will also include selected transcriptions from each DVD reviewed… a nice touch. Bassist Brent-Anthony Johnson will be taking over our “Keep an Eye On” column. This is an area I look forward to expanding as I realize day-to-day how much undiscovered talent rests out there in the bass community that needs to be acknowledged. We’re also expanding our “Gear Review” section with two very competent reviewers (as well as bass players) Jake Wolf and Brady Muckelroy. We are also making available all past gear reviews, as well as CD reviews, in each “new” issue. Now you will have the convience of rechecking a past review from us, if need be, right on the issue you’re reading…..a few less clicks, and a nice option I might add. Beyond that, I want to personally thank “all” of our staff members for the time and much appreciated personal insight they’ve given us. Trust me, all these players are busy as hell, but they still find the time to help this magazine become more than we could have ever imagined when we started it. And after all that, (and I dig ending this way) watch for yet even more being available to our readers in our next issue.


Jake Kot, Editor

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