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Guitar Identification, A Reference for Dating Guitars Made by Fender, Gibson, Gretch and Martin

Guitar Identification, A reference for Dating Guitars Made by Fender, Gibson, Gretch and Martin: 4th Edition by A.R. Duchossoir (Hal Leonard Corporation)

What can I say about this book that the title already hasn’t?

This is the “Holy Grail ” book that luthiers and collectors turn to for the final word on vintage guitars! This book is the definitive guide to every guitar ever released by the four biggest manufacturers.  I can mention that there are, in addition to guitars, basses listed so this might come in handy if you own one of these brands.

Fully illustrated with numerous details, this revised edition includes serial numbers and specs for models up through 2007.

Know what the pros know and don’t get fooled by reissue axes and shoddy repros!

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