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How to Create a Bass Line : Just a Note With Bruno Tauzin

How to create a bass line? That’s a question that plenty of bassists think about. I can start with scales, modes, and arpeggios… and know, none of this. I suggest for this first lesson that you play a single note… But how? The simplest, most obvious… the root of the chords.

This will probably seem boring, but precisely, the challenge is there, making this note the most musical possible. You might have to compensate harmonic poverty by a rich rhythm. And that’s a good thing, because the rhythm is the driver of the groove.

To be in place rhythmically, I advise you this:
– Do not immediately play with your bass, but sing while tapping the tempo in your hands
– Metronome or drum machine are more than welcome.

You’re ready… Take you bass now and have fun.

Be passionate and learn, always…

Click below to download the exercises.


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