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Slap Method for Acoustic Bass : Just a Note With Bruno Tauzin

Meet Bruno Tauzin –

Acoustic Basses have sometimes a bad reputation: a big body, a large neck that make it very uncomfortable for some techniques as slapping and tapping.

But, please keep in mind that most of those manufactured acoustic basses are not well settled and are delivered with bad strings quality. In that case, obviously, you won’t get the best of its.

One thing is sure, a well settled acoustic bass is as comfortable as an electric bass, whatever its prices.

Now, please find below some advice to get a comfortable slap with your acoustic bass:

• Replace strings with good quality set. Indeed, strings have a big effect on your bass sound, then do not hesitate to try different brand name for your strings. You must feel comfortable with.

• If you are hesitating between bronze and nickel, you can use the same set as for your electric bass, nickel ones. Bronze strings are also good ones but they are a little bit rougher than the nickel ones.

• As for an electric bass, a light or extra light gauge will sound percussive. Try gauges 40-95.

• At least, do not hesitate to show your Acoustic bass to a stringed instrument maker, especially for strings height. Indeed the settlement of the “Piezzo” could be tricky.

Just below, two videos I made with my Crafter BA400 Acoustic Bass. (strings gauges 40-95)

And for Christmas (a little late, ok ;-), here is an arrangement for fretless acoustic bass of a famous Christmas song:

I wish you continued success in 2009…

Click below to download the partition.


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