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10 GREAT Reasons to Join the Bass Musician Magazine Community


10 GREAT Reasons to Join the Bass Musician Magazine Community

(In no particular order)

—-Knowledge is power. With our unrivaled staff that continues to grow on an international level, there’s no better place to plug in and be informed on multiple subjects at multiple levels than this magazine and community. Supporting the “Bass” community through this “social” community is a win for all involved.

—-Expand your artistic outlook—this is an international community featuring international groups, forums, and dealers as well as our stateside friends. We’re
“Global” and intend to keep it that way for everyone to benefit from in whatever fashion.

—-Have your voice (musical as well as verbal) heard by connecting with like minded members in this totally “bass” orientated community.

—-Support live music!! Let’s not have this become a dying art. Check out EVENTS for the latest concerts, gigs, workshops, and clinics. Also look for, or advertise management and publicity opportunities—another vital part of any musicians total package that should be taken seriously these days.

—-Promote discourse. Only through ardent verbal expression from all who participate can we offer “legitimate” food for thought for any artist to consider, or dealer for that matter. Get involved—question authority—speak your mind.

—-Create a platform for shameless self-promotion. With the music business being in the state it’s in these days, this is a must. Plug and promote yourself on the FORUM, NEWS, BLOGS, and EVENTS. This is where the international aspect of this community can really pay off.

—-Let’s face it—we’re in a recession bordering on a depression. There couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of “seriously” affordable advertisement on what’s become one of the fastest growing and most respected new bass magazines out there.

—-Gain unexpected exposure within the context of the magazine itself. Have a chance to be a featured artist in the magazine, as we will select and feature a video from one of the social community members in every issue. This would be called seriously “targeted” exposure.

—-Trade gear, sell gear, buy gear, check out new and used gear, and give your opinions on specific gear. With the amazing amount of exceptional gear available at this point in time, it’s a good time to be a gear head.

—And lastly—

We’re not corporate!! By joining this community, you’re also helping to support this magazine which we have worked very hard on to give you the unparalleled content that every player out there deserves and can benefit from. We’re right back to our opening statement—knowledge is power—and with the prestigious staff we are honored to have, we believe that in this time of “doubtful” investments, we’re looking pretty good.

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