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Bass Immersion Day 2

As told to BMM Creative Director, Raul Amador

In our October/November issue we had the recap of Bass Immersion Day 1 and we were excited to announce the second event of this kind that took place on October 11, 2009 at Aguilar Amplifications’ NYC headquarters.

I wanted to cover this event from the clinician’s point of view and here you have it…

I had a great time. Well organized and attended by a diverse and attentive group with challenging questions- I was just getting started when my clinic time ran out. Thanks!
Lincoln Goines

There’s only one place you can get bass, New York, and what it’s like to play bass in New York, stuffed into one amazing day. It’s the best intensive bass clinic around and I was honored to be a part of it. The clinics were informative, the group inquisitive, and the learning top-notch. The concerts in the evening were a blast and my band really enjoyed playing for all the amazing students. Just a first rate experience all around. If you’re thinking of attending one bass workshop next year, make it the New York Bass Immersion series. You won’t be disappointed!
Chris Tarry

Bass Immersion Day it was amazing experience and I hope every bass player can get a chance to take part. Thank you,
Bakithi Kumalo

“Bass Immersion Day II was an awesome inspiration to me. Not only was it a treat to have the chance to demonstrate the tools for soloing to a room full of eager bassists, it was also a treat to sit in on the clinics of Lincoln Goines, whose rhythm manipulations were awesome, Chris Tarry, whose insights to the electric bass in a Jazz setting were just beautiful (and very, very useful), and Bakithi Kumalo, who is still the absolute greatest, humblest, most inspirational cat out there. What a beautiful day, especially at night, when I got to share the stage with the wonderful bassists Mike Visceglia, Chris and Bakithi. A beautiful finish to a beautiful day. I’ve been cranking up my practice sessions ever since, getting ready for the next Bass Immersion Day! Can’t wait…I mean it!”
Patrick Pfeiffer

The second Bass Immersion Day was quite different than the first- in a lot of good ways. We had the privilege of having Aguilar amplification sponsor the event for the first time. Not only did they supply the space and the gear but they also offered tours of their factory space. Owner Dave Boonshoft and CEO David Avenius were gracious and generous hosts and let any of the attendees try out Aguilar amps, pre-amps and effects. My partner Patrick Pfeiffer started the clinics with an improvising class and, as usual, was outstanding. He was followed by Lincoln Goines, who did a world beat/groove clinic. I’ve only met Lincoln a few times before and he was the inspiring pro that I expected. Canadian bassist, and Juno Award winner, Chris Tarry was next and he displayed his skill as a jazz player who plays electric bass with expert prowess. Chris showed the class how to develop motifs and how to proficiently walk and improvise through changes. The iconic Bakithi Kumalo came after Chris and riveted the class with his virtuosic playing and stories of his journey from Africa to the world stage with Paul Simon and other legends. What was important about this particular BI event was the presence of representatives from different countries with very different playing and life experiences. Patrick is form Germany, Lincoln’s from New York, Chris is from Canada and Bakithi is from South Africa. It was truly an “Immersion” in the big sense of the word and showed how joined the world wide bass community really is. I was the moderator and MC and thought it prudent not to conduct a clinic myself, as it would have made the day overwhelming and not enjoyable.

After the classes we all reconvened for a night of performances at the Bitter End Club in NYC. Bakithi opened the set with his trio and wowed the crowd, followed by Patrick and his six piece ensemble, then Chris with his electric jazz trio and me with my bass/vocal drums trio. The day ended after midnight and everyone seemed very satisfied and inspired. Patrick and I are planning the next Bass Immersion Day for February or March of 2010. I’m hoping to have it once again at Aguilar and in addition to Patrick and myself I’m trying to pull is some big NY bass stars or even a star touring player who might be in NY for the day…stay tuned. It’s getting interesting!
Mike Visceglia

If you feel bummed because you missed this event, cheer up because Mike mentioned BID3 coming up in the near future.

Keep an eye on the calendar in our community for future dates or feel free to contact Mike Visceglia at

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