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Thunderbird 13 Plays the Queen Vic

At he end of October 2009 – Anyone tuning into “Eastenders” on UK’s BBC1 would have witnessed something a little different. There was a band playing in the Queen Vic.

On October 22nd and 23rd, the UK soap Eastenders decided to try something new, having a live band play on the set. The band was London Rockers “Thunderbird 13”, with Carl Dawkins (writer for BMM) on bass duties. He was the first bass player that has ever graced the studios. When the call first came in for Carl to do some work for a band appearing on Eastenders, it came as a total shock – he told us “I was under the impression it was all a joke at first! This is the first time the show had ever attempted something like this, and it paves the way for more artists to gain exposure on national TV”.

Thunderbird 13, who on the TV show are referred to as Cuboid, are currently recording an album and touring the UK. “The whole experience was totally surreal…it was amazing to be apart of it and was amazing exposure for myself as a bassist”. The show was recorded in August and had to be kept a secret until the showing. You can view it on BBC Iplayer.


Carl Dawkins is currently touring with UK’s “Cypher 16” in India. Cypher 16 is a symphonic dance metal band from London. There EP is to be re-released in January with many more tours to follow –… Carl gave us a quick update from the tour in India. “The whole experience so far has just been one big culture shock, but the crowds are absolutely insane and the shows are amazing. I have learned and experienced so much about my instrument playing in a different environment, and about myself in the time I’ve already been here. Any musician that has the chance to tour India, should”.

Look out for Carl’s articles in Bass Musician Magazine where he will also be talking about his experiences in India.

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