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Artist Spotlight with Biscuit: Interview with Bassist Jerry Scott

BISCUIT: It was all worth it, because you managed to release a wonderful record which should not be missed. You got the deal my man, eh!

JERRY: Although we got the deal, it was only two weeks before Ean unfortunately passed away, and then the record actually came out only a week after he had left us, so it was all kind of surreal in a way. Yeah man, we got it all recorded and re-mastered, and signed the deal and everything, and then Ean sadly died of cancer. He was the main song writer, and this was his “baby” for sure, so it was all a bit strange really.

BISCUIT: Strange and sad at the same time, but you did manage to release a great bunch of songs together, and I think Ean would be very proud of that. I love the tracks that I have heard from “Last time”, and in particular, “Anything goes”. I think it has a great build up and the vocals are amazing, and that track really stomps along for me and has you producing that nice deep warm tone on the bass as well…wonderful stuff.

JERRY: Bobby is a killer singer man, and I can only describe the overall sound of Evanscapps as a kind of cross between Alice in Chains and 3 Doors Down.

BISCUIT: Also another great track, and my overall favorite so far is “Stand or Fall”, which I found very hypnotic and powerful at the same time. But having said that, I think all of the tracks that I have heard are really outstanding and should be heard worldwide.

JERRY: It was a real highlight time for me, and I was really committed to Evans Capps for around two year’s man. We had big plans and were going to go out on tour and open up for the guys in 3 Doors down, who are a really great band, but unfortunately it was just not meant to be.

BISCUIT: Sadly not. But those wonderful tunes were ultimately captured forever and will always be with us now, so that seems kind of comforting in a way.

JERRY: For sure…it was all worth every minute.

BISCUIT: Just taking a step back for a moment now Jerry, you were also a part of the Judas Priest tribute album with Tim “Ripper” Owens of course. So how did that one come about?

JERRY: Yes, me and Bobby Blotzer and the shredder Marzi from Houston and “Ripper” Owens. We re-recorded Exiter for a Judas Priest tribute record and also. Vince Neil did a song on there as well, and also Firehouse and Great White…quite a turn out. I am not sure of the release date, but it will definitely be a record worth hearing. I have definitely been lucky in working with some amazing singers, and drummers too of course…it’s all been good.

BISCUIT: You have indeed worked with many talented musicians in your career Jerry, but what would you say stands out more in your memory than anything else for you to date?

JERRY: I think when I was playing with Brian Howe and doing the old Bad Company songs, like shooting star and Bad Company, and just looking out at the thousands of people and hearing them sing along to every song, that was a very good feeling.

BISCUIT: So what bands do you find yourself listening to these days when you have some chill time, and you’re not actually playing or recording?

JERRY: I have been listening to Switchfoot a lot. I really love that band. And I still listen to Ozzy—his old stuff is still my favorite to actually play too. Bob Daisley is definitely one of my favorite bass players and I would love to tour with Ozzy one of these days. I could walk right into that gig Biscuit…I know all the songs.

BISCUIT: Apart from Bob Daisley, who else would you list as your favorite bass players through the years?

JERRY: I absolutely love Donald “Duck” Dunn. That guy is a real hero of mine for sure. I bumped into the man himself at a gig one day and we ended up chatting for three hours…it was awesome. I also really like Will Lee as well, and Tony Franklin is a great bass player and a really cool guy too.

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