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Artist Spotlight with Biscuit: Interview with Bassist Uriah Duffy

URIAH: I never really gave my aspirations much conscious thought. In the back of my head though, I somehow always knew I would be on large stages, like the ones I saw on MTV. I saw Def Leppard on MTV in the ’80s, and I knew that one day, that would be me. So I just kept playing because it was fun, yet I also needed to support myself & family. In my head, there really was no other path for me. And now it’s happening!

BISCUIT: You seem to have all the right ideas. I see there are a lot of people these days who are playing bass and other instruments as well for the wrong reasons… maybe it’s their need to become an overnight success without having to put the work in. I have also found that many of the musicians today do not play for the pure love of their chosen instrument.

URIAH: Yeah, that’s right. That is not the correct drive at all. One may as well be a business man or do something else where the drive or reward is solely monetary. I feel that music is much more sacred than that, as it creates wealth in so many other areas.

BISCUIT: That drive and self belief eventually got you into a position where you were able to play with some great artist’s and musicians during your career, including Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys on the R&B side of things. I can imagine that was quite an experience to work with such talented ladies.

URIAH: It was great, although I never actually got to meet Christina in person; it was more of a session for her album. Luckily enough the producer and writer of the song was Alicia Keys. I met and worked together with her in the studio, which was a great experience. What a delightful, skilled old soul talent she is, much wiser than her years. Very professional indeed.

BISCUIT: You also filled in once for one of your hero’s, Larry Graham, and did a stint with a version of Family Stone. I am sure that must have been a dream come true for you.

URIAH: That was amazing. Having played those songs in cover bands for years, and then playing them with many of the original members, especially Greg Errico, the drummer. What an experience to play to his well known groove!

BISCUIT: I would like to talk to you about the underground band that you worked with called Lyrics Born, formerly known as Asia Born.

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