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Artist Spotlight with Biscuit: Interview with Bassist Uriah Duffy


Artist Spotlight with Biscuit: Interview with Bassist Uriah Duffy

URIAH: He was in a Rap crew that I didn’t know much about. Rapper Tom Shimura, aka Lyrics Born, realized that by having a dynamic live band, his music would be more accessible to folks outside of the DJ subculture. That’s how I came to be involved.

BISCUIT: Although Lyrics Born is in the Hip Hop bracket, it’s not just that basic sample and loop style of things to be honest, and sounds really original compared to a lot of other Hip Hop/ Rap bands out there at the moment.

URIAH: I have seen him evolve very quickly from his first album, which consisted mostly of songs & samples from producers. Since then he’s embraced other ways to get the job done with more power, by using the musical resources (personnel) he now has. All of us who’ve played in his live band are now featured on the albums as well. Long-time musical friend Kev Choice was the first director of the LB band, and it was he that introduced us in 2004.

BISCUIT: Do you think that you will you be staying with Lyrics Born for some time to come, and what are the immediate future plans for Uriah Duffy at the moment?

URIAH: Gigging is light this year due to the impending release of his new studio album, “As You Were”. Whitesnake is also working on a new album as well, most likely with no dates for this year. I will be trying to fill in my dates with other artists for sure. There are a couple bands of note that I am really excited to be working with at the moment. And if there’s any time left over, I’ll finally get back to work on my own band.

BISCUIT: You played on the Lyrics Born album “Everywhere at Once” and are now also on the latest one called “As You Were”. When the first Lyrics album came out, you also had the release of Whitesnake’s “Good to be Bad” at the same time. This now brings me around to your involvement in the rock world, playing with Whitesnake.

You have been a member of Whitesnake since 2005 if I am correct, and I was wondering how you have enjoyed that part of your career over the past five years. I imagine that you have played to millions of rock fans around the world during this period. You and the “Snake” have also toured with Judas Priest, which must have been quite an experience.

URIAH: We have toured with Judas Priest several times, starting in 2005. Last year we toured with them again which was awesome. We get on with them really well, as they are a great bunch of guys, and KK Downing is a real gentleman.

For the most part, it’s been really great to have gotten in with this “Legacy Band” clique, as these guys have been there and done it all before; no one is trying to prove anything or upstage anyone else. It’s not like being in some new punk band where your mates are twenty years old and are still throwing TV’S out of hotel room windows and all that, just to be a “rock star”. Instead, we all have good solid friends and family that we care about back home, so we all just get the job done and get along pretty well.

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