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Artist Spotlight with Biscuit: Interview with Bassist Uriah Duffy

BISCUIT: I just wanted to go back a little now to the up and coming ventures for you in the immediate future and what you’ll be up to, so the readers can check out your latest projects.

You will of course be working with Lyrics Born as we said before, and also your own band UDB… exiting fresh times ahead then for sure my friend.

URIAH: Whitesnake and Lyrics Born are my main two touring bands. As touring is currently lighter, I figure this is the perfect opportunity for me to work on songs for my own band. It was never really a passion for me before, as I really enjoy being a hired session player. But more and more people believe in me putting my bass a little more in the spotlight, so that is what I am going to try to do.

I did have some good success in San Francisco last year selling out the world renowned Yoshi’s Jazz Club in a weeks notice under my own name. I covered a lot of ground with many musicians in the mix, like horns, and male and female vocalists, keys, and all that stuff—a 9-piece band! I am looking forward to continuing down this path, although it takes a lot to overcome my own boundaries and attain the confidence to create my own band and all that goes with it. Life has been easier standing in the shadows!

BISCUIT: I would imagine that it must feel a lot different being the master of your own destiny musically, rather than following the pre-set music that you would play in another band scenario.

URIAH: It is very different—for example, if I am asked to play “Still of the Night”, a well known song that has already been written and recorded, I just have to copy it and hopefully receive a check. This is very different than doing your own thing where you are writing & recording, and then putting the proverbial “ball” in motion to get your work out there. You find yourself in a position of hiring people, getting the gigs yourself, and paying band members etc. So it is a lot more involved than just playing bass.

BISCUIT: Personally I think it’s great to see you embarking on your own project and branching out and adding another string to the Uriah Duffy bow as it were, and becoming the driver of your own “Music Vehicle”, using all of your acquired skills and knowledge to create something new and fresh for yourself. I’m sure the readers will be checking out the recorded finished results once they become available.

URIAH: Thanks a lot. I am looking forward to it all too! Currently, I’m just gathering the ideas and song writing. But I can’t ever just do one thing at a time. So there are two other bands projects that I have fallen into and will be working with that I would also like to mention if I can. I absolutely love and believe in both of these bands. They’ve been the type of rehearsals that I go to because I really want to, and not just to get a job done, so to speak. Both of these bands have a harder edge to them. So I now play bass in an “all star” metal band called “BLACKGATES”, which involves an old friend of mine Paul Bostaff, best known for his drum work with Slayer and currently Testament. Paul is one of my favourite double bass drummers who also lives here in the Bay Area. We’ve wanted to work together in the past, but it wasn’t until he laid a few demos of this new project on me that really brought us together. I fell in love with the music and wanted to rehearse right away- in fact 3 times in the first week (which never happens with me)! Also in the band is the former singer of the band Anthrax, Dan Nelson, along with face-melting guitarist Jeremy Epp. So it will be a four piece metal band, and if I had to give you an idea of what it would sound like it would probably be closest to old Pantera putting out a new album, with influences of British Metal as well as East Bay thrash.

BISCUIT: Sounds like very exiting material, and I personally can’t wait to hear a finished product from you guys. You mentioned that there were two bands on the horizon, so who is the other band that you will be working with?

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