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Biscuit’s Bassment: “Spotlight on You,” Igor Franca


Biscuit’s Bassment: “Spotlight on You,” Igor Franca

Hello and Welcome to the very first edition of “SPOTLIGHT ON YOU!”

You may play Bass, but can you really “Feel It in your soul?” If you can then let me know, because the chances are, that if you do “Feel it for real” and have raw talent, together with the passion, commitment and a story to tell, YOU could be in the very next interview with me right here at Bass Musician Magazine! I am looking to interview the, “Next Generation of Bass playing talent,” which myself and the magazine, feel should be heard worldwide.

In this April/May issue, I am very proud to announce my very first competition winner here at “Biscuit’s Bassment” as a part of Bass Musician Magazine. He is a real gentleman, and very modest too, despite his obvious talent and technique on the Bass, and wonderful writing abilities.

Please Welcome to “SPOTLIGHT ON YOU”…

BISCUIT… Well hello Igor and welcome to the very first “Biscuit’s Bassment” column, here at Bass Musician Magazine. Congratulations on becoming the very first winner of this, my new column for the new up and coming Bass players out there around the world.

So tell me, how did you feel when you discovered that you had become the first winner of this “Spotlight on You” section?

IGOR… I was just very, very happy and have just enjoyed this winning week so much. I have already told all of my friends and students about this and I have also updated my Internet and bass community’s sites with this latest news.

BISCUIT… I noticed that on your first day of winning the competition, that you had acquired another forty new friends on your MySpace page alone and had over one hundred extra listens to the songs on your profile player, which shows just what even a little publicity can achieve.

IGOR… Yeah that was great, and more to come I hope, ha-ha.

BISCUIT… Where did you first see the advert for this competition and what did you think your chances were of winning it.

IGOR… I guess it was January this year that I saw the advertisement in my email… I am connected to various bass community sites so I just thought I would enter and try my best. I saw your email address and just decided to give it a go, so that is when I sent you my entry track “Slap Landing”, although I didn’t have much confidence at the time that I would actually have a chance of winning, as I imagined there would be so many entries and the competition would be very tough.

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