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Biscuit’s Bassment: “Spotlight on You,” Igor Franca

BISCUIT… It certainly was a tough competition this time around, and there were a great many very talented bassist’s who submitted their tracks, but I am glad that didn’t put you off, or we would not be having this conversation today.

The internet is definitely an amazing tool my friend, and hopefully after reading this, many more people will use it to check out the music of Igor Franca and his wonderful bass playing.

IGOR… Oh yes, I hope so very much.

I guess, there were one hundred and seventy four plays on my profile player on myspace on only the first day and although I would not expect that every day, it certainly was a nice surprise to know so many new people were listening to my music… It was just great.

BISCUIT… So how well known are you for your bass playing in your home country of Brazil.

IGOR… Not at all really, it is very difficult to get noticed or recognised in this country as a bass player. Here in Brazil there are some difficulties, because the musicians here just don’t have the public places to play. We have neither the venues nor the facilities and so the people do not get to see many ‘home-grown’ musicians. There are a few great bass players here in Brazil, but they just don’t get heard at all.

BISCUIT… Well hopefully after your interview today, it may help you to become more recognised, and I am sure that the people of Brazil will be very proud of you and begin to talk about their Igor Franca in a really positive way…and I am sure that you will also get more attention from around the world also.

IGOR… That would be really amazing. I have had to do everything for myself here and learn as I go along, so to be recognised for my efforts would be a wonderful thing.

BISCUIT… You were born in a city called Santos in Brazil I believe… So what was it like growing up there as a child and a young musician?

IGOR…The City is fantastic, with beautiful scenery, but for work, and in the arts and especially music, it is very difficult, as they are poor people who do not have places to play and are unable to get access to instruments either, so it can become very hard for creative people in Santos. It is a fantastic place to live, but not necessarily to grow. To grow musically we would have to go to Sau Paulo or maybe Rio, just the bigger cities really.

BISCUIT… It sounds like a wonderful but very tough place to grow my friend, and not just in music of course but in everyday life as well. Maybe we should all take a step back and realise just how lucky we are to be able to go into a music store and be able to buy a bass off the hook and have that opportunity to take it out there and play in public.

IGOR… Ha-ha…Maybe yes.

Although it is tough there, Santos is still relatively quite popular and is known for its port and shipping area and I believe it is the biggest in Latin America.

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