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Biscuit’s Bassment: “Spotlight on You,” Igor Franca

BISCUIT… What is the day job over there in Santos at the moment Igor Franca?

IGOR… I am a bass teacher and I have some wonderful students too, so that is my main job during the day. I like to teach theory first and then follow that up with various techniques afterwards. They are great students and are all aware now that I have won this competition and that I will be talking to you for the magazine, so I am sure they will have fun reading it.

BISCUIT… When did you first take an interest in learning an instrument, and why particularly the bass guitar?

IGOR… That was back in 1994, when my stepbrother gave me some CD’S of bands such as Iron Maiden and Aerosmith… the real classic rock bands. I think that the most special band for me and the one that really changed my world was KISS with Gene Simmons. When I saw KISS on TV for the first time, I just freaked out… ha-ha.

BISCUIT… What was the first bass that you owned, and can you remember it?

IGOR… Yeah, it was an imitation Jazz bass called an “Eagle” and it came from China, and although it was very cheap, it was a very good bass for me at that time. I then went on to play a five-string bass when I discovered the band DREAM THEATER and began learning some of their songs. I loved DREAM THEATER… What a band!

BISCUIT… So did you teach yourself to play from the beginning, without taking any lessons?

IGOR… Yes, from the beginning it was KISS and IRON MAIDEN and that got me into wanting to learn how to play “Harder” music. I also learned how to play songs by RUSH and DREAM THEATER and all of that kind of music. It really helped me to become more adventurous in my playing and improved my technique on the bass. I learned the theory of music though via the piano and method from books.

BISCUIT… What was the first band that you found yourself in and what can you tell me about that experience?

IGOR… I joined my first band in 1997/ 98 and that was just a friend’s band, and although my love for rock music really began in 1995 when I was sixteen with the awareness of the above mentioned bands, I only felt I was ready to play in a band situation myself a few years later.

Then there came a band, which I joined in 2001 called “Metal Jam” which was great, but at that time I had really mixed emotions. I was really exited about the “new” band project, but at that same time in my life my Father passed away, so I was very happy but also very sad of course, all at the same time.

BISCUIT…I very am sorry to hear that Igor… So yes, it must have been a strange time for you indeed.

IGOR… It was maybe only a week after my father died that I was approached by “Metal Jam” and asked to join them… they were really into the same kind of music as me, which was great and that also gave me something to focus on. I think this opportunity came at the right time and helped me through a very tough period as well, but that was a really difficult time for me for sure and nothing can replace a father of course.

BISCUIT… You bravely battled through those tough times my friend and I am sure that your father would be very proud of you and your musical achievements today.

One of those achievements was winning a competition on MTV Brazilian channel in 2005.

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