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Biscuit’s Bassment: “Spotlight on You,” Igor Franca

IGOR… Yes, that was a show with bands duelling with cover tracks by the likes of Judas Priest and other well-known rock bands. My own band was actually losing the competition at the time, but in the final part of the show there was a duel between the musicians. The host of the show picked out the bass players to conduct the duel, and as luck would have it I managed to come out as the winner of this, because fortunately for me the other guy was terrible, ha-h!

I did two tapping solo’s and also a slap solo which gave me that first place in the end. I still have a recording of that show, but it is still only on a tape format for a VCR at the moment.

BISCUIT… So that may have been a springboard for you, so to speak and gave you the confidence to play as much as you could, including of course embarking on your own CD “Crossing the Skies” which I would like to move onto next. This album is entirely about a plane trip, pretty much from purchasing a ticket for the flight until landing at the other end, and every thing that goes on in between. How did you conceive such an idea in the first place?

IGOR… Well, I almost got married to a Stewardess and because of that relationship, it brought me more into the world of aviation and so that had a great influence on my ideas.

I also gained a lot of inspiration sound wise, through listening to a lot of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani playing guitar, and the effects that they used became embedded in my head and gave me a floating/flying sensation and I began to think that I may be able to create similar sounds and an atmosphere that I could include for this plane travelling idea… and all of this just shaped that idea for me. Using all of the sounds of aviation and the Stewardess talking etc, on the CD, helped to create part of the atmosphere that I was looking for.

BISCUIT… I like the way that you have divided the album into its own chapters for each part of the “journey”. For example… The departure, the arrival and the final trip. It reminds me very much of a really intriguing book that you can’t put down, and that you can get really absorbed in as the listener.

I also love the fact that although you use the bass as the predominant instrument for the tracks, it is used in such a way that is very subtle in many areas of the songs as well as being more prominent in others, and is never really a, “Right in your face” kind of bass, which can sometimes be construed as just “showing off”… This album really is about the tracks as a whole, and I really like that.

The tracks seem to me like they are part of a giant jigsaw of what is for me a really captivating album, and there is so much more going on than just the bass playing. You have not only supplied the icing and the cherries on top of this musical cake Igor, I also feel that you have indeed also supplied the whole cake as well and all of it’s wonderful ingredient’s, which should be slowly devoured by the listener at their leisure, whenever and where ever they are.

I find that a lot of musicians these days, are just trying to out play and out speed one another and seemed to have lost their way musically, but with this offering it has everything. It does have pace and also the speed and technical playing s well, but it also has just so much more to offer, as it reminds me of a musical roller coaster that I would not want to get off…

“Crossing the Skies” for me is the real deal. I really found that the music on this album is not just a whole bunch of notes put together to make a tune, it seems much more than that. It’s almost as if you can smell, taste and touch this music… It feels real and solid and really genuine as well… It’s almost alive!

IGOR… I understand what you are saying, and this very much became a battle with myself in terms of self-control, ha-ha. But I realised that I didn’t just have to be faster to create a good album, and I am glad that you have appreciated that… Thank you.

The idea was to do a CD for the ‘people moments’, so people can travel in their minds at anytime of the day or night and when they are travelling or reading a book… you know.

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