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Biscuit’s Bassment: “Spotlight on You,” Igor Franca

BISCUIT… What basses did you use on this CD?

IGOR… I used two basses and they are both self-made, the main one is a five-string neck through bass in which put in Bartolini pick ups. I also have a six-string fretless bass, which I feel opens up a lot more avenues for me. Both basses are passive, as I like just the pure sound of the wood that this gives me, and also the harmonics as well, but this is just my own personal choice of course.

I don’t like to keep putting in batteries either, ha-ha… I just like to plug and play and go!

BISCUIT… How did you learn to make such quality sounding basses on your own?

IGOR… Just by observing really and I just learned how to do it on my own, and no one actually taught me how to do it, I just found it was something that came naturally to me.

BISCUIT… Well you certainly made a great job of them both, and maybe you should consider becoming a luthier as well as a bass player and that would then add another “String to you bow” eh, ha-ha.

Speaking of strings… What are you currently using at the moment?

IGOR… I am only using very cheap strings at the moment, as they are just very hard to come by over here in Brazil, so I just use what I can really.

BISCUIT… Well you will very pleased to hear that as part of winning this competition in Biscuit’s Bassment I will be sending you two brand new sets of Dean Markley “Blue Steel” bass strings my friend. Both are five-string sets, but I am adding an extra 0.30 gauge string as made for me especially by Dean Markley, so you will have a set for your fretless too.

IGOR… Wow that would be fantastic, I really need some new ones right now, thanks.

BISCUIT… What kind of cabs do you use at the moment or are you just using recording equipment as opposed to live rigs.

IGOR… I don’t really have anything much in that way at the moment I just use a “cube” which is just a cheap Brazilian made one for now.

BISCUIT… Considering that you make your own basses and have only the bare essentials to work with by way of strings and equipment, I would say that taking into account the quality of your music Igor, you have become a very inventive man, having to get by with those limited recourses and I applaud you for your resourcefulness and determination, which maybe we could all learn something from.

Returning now back to your music… Do you think you will follow the same kind of direction with a follow up album or do you think you might try a different angle next time?

IGOR… I think this first CD will be the first of a trilogy, as hopefully the listeners will realise that I have left the first CD open-ended so as to allow the follow-on recordings to be “linked” onto it, and which will almost certainly have travel in mind; Not maybe so much a physical trip as a mental one. I also have an idea to complete some Brazilian style music on my fretless as well, but this will be separate project from the trilogy.

BISCUIT… How long would you say that it took you to complete the CD, from conception to the finished article?

IGOR… I began having the idea’s for the songs on the CD in 2003 and was working on various ideas until 2005. I then began recording the tracks as you hear them today. I then paused for a while and began again in 2007 and that took about nine months to complete.

BISCUIT… Did you also play the saxophone and the keyboards as well, or did you get some assistance on that side of things.

IGOR… No, a friend of mine recorded the Saxophone. I sent him over the music and he laid the Sax sound down for me, but I didn’t really like the first solo he did for me, so I asked him if he would try something a bit different and he was kind enough to do so, which when I added it to the song about a year later, I really loved it and thought that it was a great solo.

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