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Biscuit’s Bassment: “Spotlight on You,” Igor Franca

BISCUIT… Do you see yourself as continuing with your life and music career in Brazil and does it have enough to offer a musician like yourself with maybe bigger ambitions in the future, or do you feel that you may have to eventually move on to progress further in the music industry?

IGOR…I do realise, that if I want to grow more in this field I may have to leave Brazil one day to achieve more. Brazil is a great country with great people, but to grow as a musician it is really very difficult. In Europe and the United states, I find that it is much more open-minded. Here in Brazil we have only two physical magazines and when I released my CD, I sent them both a copy to listen to, and had no response at all, which I felt was a shame.

BISCUIT… It seems very similar to the Football (Soccer) world in many ways, as for example Brazil has probably the best team in the world but their players mostly have to play for the major clubs in Europe to get a larger exposure in the media and on the world stage, even though they initially were born in Brazil. It seems a great shame that that should also be the case for the musicians there as well, but maybe that will hopefully all change one day.

But getting back to the music again Igor…. What would you say was your ultimate goal within the world of music now and do you think you will ultimately be able to achieve it?

IGOR… To become known and respected and regarded as an equal amongst other bass players and musicians around the world. I don’t really have that kind of ambition to be known as the best bassist in the world or anything like that, just to be able to earn a living, as a musician without having to struggle would be the dream come true for me. As long as I can remain a bassist and a musician and try to get my individual message across to people I will be happy, and to just live with music.

BISCUIT… Who would you say that your favourite bass player is at this moment and which would be at the top of your list overall?

IGOR… I like so many bass players, and there are so many different styles to admire, but I very much like Billy Sheehan and Stu Hamm and also John Myung as well as Geddy Lee and Gene Simmons of course — ha-ha.

As well as the bass players, I really love the lead guitar playing styles of both Steve Vai and Joe Satriani as well and I find them very Inspirational.

I also like other styles as well as rock and would include someone like Shania Twain on my top list…. I am just a music lover of all styles in general really. I feel that every kind of music can create its own mood for a certain setting and so I don’t like to fix on just one genre all the time.

BISCUIT… I can certainly hear that in your playing style and there is certainly a little bit of everything in your album…. You are a real fusion player my friend, and a very good one at that, and I feel the music industry needs visionaries like yourself to move the bass in a forward direction. As with everything, I feel we should learn from the teachers of the past to make it an even better future for us all.

IGOR…Thank you, I appreciate that very much.

BISCUIT… O.K. Igor, we are now coming to the last few questions that I would like to ask you… so here goes… What do you like to do when you have spare time and are just relaxing and not playing the bass my friend?

IGOR…I love to relax by watching and playing Soccer, and if I have had a really good day I find myself listening to a lot of country and pop music, which keeps me in that happy mood. I also like keeping up with friends and also chatting to people on the Internet, which I also find very relaxing too.

BISCUIT… Here is my last question for you Igor that I like to ask everyone who I talk to at the magazine. If you had to spend a week or two on a desert Island, what would you take with you and why would that be?

IGOR… Ha-ha, I would take a bass of course… and probably a beautiful woman too, ha-ha.

BISCUIT… Ha-ha…. That would definitely keep you busy my friend and would probably be enough to fill in your week or two completely.

Well Igor I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the readers of Bass Musician Magazine and I am sure they will enjoy reading your story and checking out the fine music on your profile page at

Congratulations once again for becoming the very first winner of the “Biscuit’s Bassment” competition and I look forward to keeping in touch with your good self in the future. Wishing you all the very best my friend and I will talk to you again soon I hope.

IGOR… You are welcome, and bless you man… We will speak again soon then.

To end, I would like to make a request to all of the bass playing community out there worldwide… and it is this: If you truly believe that you have, or know of anyone out there that has real raw ambition, talent, and a passion as a bass player, that deserves to find his or her way into the music industry, and has an interesting story to tell, let me know about it. Together with Bass Musician Magazine, we will try and help to get you as much exposure as we possibly can. Let Biscuit and the best bass magazine around help discover the next generation of the best bass talent out there.

You can write to me personally at……………


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