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likeZEBRA: Independent Music Hub Steers Unsigned Artists towards a Profit

Unsigned musicians are no longer forced to keep their day jobs to make ends meet. likeZEBRA, the popular underground music hub, offers independent bands and artists around the world the chance to monetize their music and promote their tunes in one simple platform. With a multitude of promotional tools that allow bands to virally connect with fans, artists are not only gaining admirers, they’re gaining the opportunity to cash in on their talents.

likeZEBRA is not horsing around either; they are truly committed to reviving the independent music scene by providing unsigned artists with innovative monetizing tools to help them get the big break they need. Struggling artists who don’t have the funds to record demos can utilize likeZEBRA’s new CD media maker to record and package their albums, giving musicians the chance to really show off their stripes.

“Any struggling musician knows that breaking into the music industry is no easy feat,” says likeZEBRA spokesperson, Braven Greenelsh. “likeZEBRA is unique in the sense that it allows artists to gain exposure in new areas, sell and distribute their music, book their own shows, get signed, and ultimately monetize on their music in the process.”

With access to all the untamed opportunities likeZEBRA presents, independent artists finally have the kind of leverage they need to make money off of their music. likeZEBRA’s additional exposure tools, such as their text message and email blaster, allows bands to swiftly send mass messages to fans, keeping them up-to-date on shows, album and DVD releases, along with other relevant news. Artists can also make use of the likeZEBRA widget, which allows fans to download free ringtones to their phones, as another valuable tool to perk the ears of new admirers.

“Our competitive edge is keeping things social and exclusive by offering new tools that allow our artists to turn a profit,” says Greenelsh, “We’re hitting points the top 4 competitors are missing, thus allowing independent artists to truly shine.”

As a place that is truly dedicated to helping musicians make the transition from hobby to career, from struggling artist to paid player, likeZEBRA is a must for indie artists who are serious about taking their career to the next level – and making an extra buck in the process.

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