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Ibanez Introduces Boutique Basses, BTB 675 & 676

The concepts behind boutique basses are often the justification for making them extremely expensive. With the advent of the BTB however, Ibanez decided that these same concepts of well-selected body materials, 35” neck scale, and deep cutaways could be applied to an instrument that anyone could afford. All the BTBs feature neck-thru construction and deeper cutaways for enhanced playability and balance.


  • Small shop precision, materials and sound, priced for the working player
  • 35” neck scale provides superior articulation – perfect for low tunings and 5- and 6-string basses
  • BTB775 and BTB776 models feature beautifully figured Poplar Burl tops
  • Exclusively designed Bartolini® MK-2 pickups and preamps on most models
  • Thru-neck construction on most models
  • Deep cutaways allow effortless upper fret access

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