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TUSQ XL Nuts On All New Nashguitar Guitars and Basses

Graph Tech Guitar Labs, the world’s largest guitar nut and saddle manufacturer is thrilled to announce that Nash Guitars has equipped all of their new guitar and bass models with new TUSQ XL nuts.

Nashguitars does not make new looking guitars. Their standard levels of aging include light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. As the largest independent maker of aged guitars in the industry, they are successful because of their intimate knowledge of guitars and guitar making. All employees are guitar players and it is their mandate not to ship a guitar or bass that they would not want to own or play.

We have installed Graph Tech nuts on thousands of guitars and basses as they are easy to install, easy to adjust, sound great and fight “Slack Storage” and “String Binding,” the two biggest causes of tuning issues. When we were told about the new TUSQ XL nut it was a no-brainer as the better lubrication is a huge plus. Hard to imagine someone improving a perfect product, but Graph Tech did,” says Bill Nash, President, Nashguitars.

TUSQ XL is designed to boost guitar tone and performance. This precision engineered nut is made with a specially formulated material which couples the strings’ vibrations to the neck and brings out the hidden harmonics and richness in every note. It is based on the highly resonant TUSQ man made ivory, but is impregnated with Teflon to improve the tuning performance of the guitar.

“Working with Graph Tech has been a breeze, especially since I have yet to get shipped a defective nut. It is one of the few components I do not have to ever worry about,” says Bill.

“Specialized guitar makers have a profound understanding of tone and pay particular attention to the small details like tuning issues, that affect guitar players because they are guitar players. TUSQ XL was created at the demand of companies like Nashguitars who build guitars for enhanced performance, playability and a specific vintage style,” says Dave Dunwoodie, President, Graph Tech.

About Nashguitars
Nashguitars was started in 2001. Bill Nash, the one most to blame was raised in Los Angeles in and around the music industry. Played in bands, used to make his own guitars, customize things, ruin things and did much of what you would imagine goes on it the formative years of a someday guitar builder, blah, blah, boring. At the writing of this text, the company has grown to include two facilities, 8 or 9 employees and is truly a team effort.

About Graph Tech Guitar Labs

Founded in 1983 by President Dave Dunwoodie, Graph Tech Guitar Labs manufactures more guitar nuts and saddles than any other company in the world. Focused on innovations to improve guitar tone and vibration for optimal performance, Graph Tech is the maker of TUSQ® and Black TUSQ® XL man-made ivory, String Saver™ saddles, String Saver™ Classics steel saddles, ResoMax™ Harmonic Bridge System, and ghost® Modular Pickup System. The world’s leading retailers and luthiers choose Graph Tech products, as well as guitar manufacturers including: Carvin, Fender, Gibson, Godin, Hagstrom, Ibanez, Jay Turser, Lag, L’arrivee, Martin Guitars, Ovation, Peavey, Samick, Schecter, Taylor Guitars, and Yamaha Custom Shop. For more information, visit

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