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Bass Musician Magazine: Jun/Jul 2010 Featuring Eddie Gomez



Was Scott LaFaro a big influence on you?

He was a big influence, but not unlike other great bass players. The big three for me were Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, and  Scott LaFaro. But that’s not to say that guys like Sam Jones, Jimmy Garrison, and so many other great bass players I heard with different bands weren’t big influences as well. Eddie Jones with Count Basie, the bassist with Art Blakey and the Messingers, all of them. I just loved bass playing in all its different faces and forms and incarnations, I wasn’t only smitten with modern bass players like Scott LaFaro. Pound for pound– I don’t like to say better or best, it’s just not part of the way I look at things– but Paul Chambers was really a big influence on me.

Let me ask you something that you’re obviously in a unique position to answer, having played for years with both Chick Corea and Bill Evans. As players they seem to have much in common, but  how are they different?

Well I think they’re very different, and both unique in different ways. I think first of all that Bill is a unique player in the history of jazz piano, as is Bud Powell and Earl Gardener– and Chick is too– but they’re very different I think. Chick has a lot of different approaches to playing, he will go out and play with his electric band, and he’ll do different projects, and aim a little differently, whereas Bill was pretty much into trio playing. The tenor of his approach to making music was pretty constant and straightforward and it didn’t vary a lot. Bill occasionally did different projects too, for example with quintets and he did an orchestra album which is certainly one of the seminal recordings, as many of them are. But the approach really didn’t vary much, he was always kind of in his ballpark, and highly recognizable. I think Bill had such a golden sound on the instrument, it’s just unmistakable the way he played. You know, some people accuse him of being a romantic. I spent eleven years with him and I think maybe he was, maybe not. Those are just words that are thrown around. But I always felt very touched whenever he played, and was deeply moved by his playing every time he touched the instrument, he was really special that way.

Chick is also a unique player, and has a wonderful sound on the instrument. I think he’s actually maturing in certain ways, I’ve known Chick since we were teenagers. He’s multi-faceted and has a lot of different looks and colors in his pallet. And again, Chick is one of the few pianists that can really revisit Bill’s music, play in a trio context, and give it some validity and with integrity.

Obviously you’ve matured as a player as well. How would you say you’re a different player today than you were in your earlier years?

Back then there was a little bit of going to war with the instrument sometimes, there wasn’t that comfort zone that I found in my later Bill Evans years. There was always a kind of like, “well let’s see what today’s gonna bring”. But for me now, I’ve really come to a peace, I’m at peace with the instrument. I’m not afraid of the instrument, and I feel that the challenge is always about making music out of the particular day’s events, whatever the music is. Whether I’m playing with Chick, or in my own group or trio, or doing a guest spot with someone else, it’s about rising to the musical challenge and making the most music out of that situation. I try and leave behind the idea of how I stand versus the rest of the world, the bass-playing world, I really have left that behind me. I’m just not all that interested in how I compare with someone else, either before or current, or with younger players or any of that stuff, I don’t think it’s a very interesting topic. So I’ve just come a long way, I think, where I’m very comfortable. I think my playing has matured in a lot of ways and I just feel like I’m able to breathe, take deep breaths when it’s necessary.

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Leland Sklar, Over Half a Century of Bass, March 2024



Leland Sklar, Over Half a Century of Bass, March 2024

We all have enjoyed Leland Sklar’s Bass lines for over half a century.

You might remember that we had him on our cover back in 2017 and did an update when he launched his book “Everybody Loves Me” in 2020. It was exciting to hear that The Immediate Family had got back together in the studio to work on their own music in 2019 and are now up to two albums.

Just last December, Magnolia Pictures released a documentary titled “Immediate Family” where we got a behind-the-scenes look at the massive contributions Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Ross Kunckle, Leland Sklar and Steve Postell have made in countless songs that are the very essence of our daily personal musical soundtracks. Seeing the astronomical roster of performers they have supported over many years is very eye-opening. It is a must-see for any music lover!

Now, I am thrilled to bring you a special chat with Leland Sklar where we go more in-depth into the bass side of his musical journey.

Photos: Header, Rob Shanahan – Cover Photo, Jay Gilbert/Chris Schmitt

Skin In the Game – 
from new album Skin In The Game

The Toughest Girl In Town – 
from new album Skin In The Game

Fair Warning – –
from the self-titled album The Immediate Family

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Bass Videos

Ricky Phillips, STYX Bass And More – February 2024



Ricky Phillips, STYX Bass And More, January 2024

Ricky Phillips, STYX Bass And More…

This Week’s Top 10 Basses on Instagram

I have always been a huge Styx fan. Their music kept me awake during countless nights studying and gave my imagination a place to escape when I had a moment to take a break. 

I had the immense opportunity to chat with STYX bassist Ricky Phillips for our August Cover in 2017 and follow his projects as time passed. Now, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to catch up with Ricky as he has been super-busy over the past six years. 

Join me as we take a deep dive into the band’s most recent album “Crash the Crown” and EP “The Same Stardust”. Ricky shares some insights into the herculean team effort behind the scenes and the musical process that keeps them ever so busy and how he has updated his sound. 

Without further ado… Here is Ricky Phillips!

Photo: Jason Powell

“Crash of the Crown” lyric video

“Reveries” lyric video

“Save Us From Ourselves” lyric video

“Sound the Alarm” lyric video

“Too Much Time On My Hands” Zoom video 2020

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FB & IG @styxtheband

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Bass Videos

Jeff Pilson, Foreigner Low End – January 2024



Jeff Pilson - Bass Musician Magazine - January 2024

Jeff Pilson, Foreigner Low End – January 2024…

Those of us who were around back in the 70’s remember how certain songs on the radio resonated with us. It turns out that many of these iconic melodies came from Foreigner and they were part of our personal soundtracks! 

After all these years, the band is going as strong as ever with Jeff Pilson firing away on bass midstream into a 2-year farewell tour. 

I am excited to be able to bring you all the details about Jeff’s musical Journey, the farewell tour in progress, how he gets his sound and his plans for the future.

Cover Photo: Krishta Abruzziini / Video Photos: Krishta Abruzzini, Karsten Staiger, Gina Hyams

For more news on FOREIGNER and upcoming Farewell Tour dates, fans can visit:
Also on FB @officialjeffpilson

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Bass Videos

Rodney O’Quinn, Rockin’ Hard Through the Years – December 2023



Rodney O'Quinn, Rockin’ Hard Through the Years – December 2023

Interview With Foghat Bassist Rodney O’Quinn…

Rodney O'Quinn - Bass Musician Magazine - December 2023-v2

Many rock fans have enjoyed music by Foghat, who originally formed in London back in 1971.

Over the many decades of playing, the band members have changed, leaving behind only Roger Earl as the only original member. Bassist Rodney O’Quinn left the Pat Travers Band and joined the group in 2015 and has been laying down the low end for this iconic quartet keeping the Foghat legacy alive. With a new album titled “Sonic Mojo” which dropped on November 10th, the band is as busy as ever and there is lots of very tasty music to come.

Join me as we learn of Rodney O’Quinn’s musical journey, how he gets his sound, and his plans for the future.

Jake Coughlin
Video Thumbnail, Tom Apathy
Photos used in the video: Kerry Quinn, Chuck Lanza, Kim Granger, Kenneth Strohm, Jake Coughlin, Jay Jylika

1st Single from Sonic Mojo – Official “Drivin’ On” 

2nd Single from Sonic Mojo – “She’s a Little Bit of Everything Official Video

 “Road Fever”- California Mid State Fair – Paso Robles, CA – 7-27-22

“Stone Blue” – Rodney O’Quinn Bass/Lead Vocals – Don Odell’s Legends – Woonsocket, R.I – 10/15/22 – The Stadium Theater

The Earl’s Court – Season 2, Episode 7: Funny Guys 

“I Just Want to Make Love to You” – CasinoRama – 6-9-23 

FOGHAT “Somebody’s Been Sleepin’ in My Bed” – Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT – 1/28/22

“I Just Want to Make Love to You” – California Mid State Fair – Paso Robles, CA – 7-27-22

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Bass Videos

Suzi Quatro, Eternal Powerhouse – November 2023



Suzi Quatro, Eternal Powerhouse – November 2023

Interview With Bassist Suzi Quatro…


It is always exciting to have the opportunity to talk to an artist who has been prolific for decades.

Suzi Quatro has been rocking our world since the sixties and has been super-creative as a bassist, musician, actress, singer, songwriter, author, radio show host and so much more. Most recently, Suzi released a new album titled “Face to Face” where she joined forces with KT Tunstall and together they are a force of nature. (See our video with Suzi about the album release)

Join me as we hear about Suzi’s musical journey, her many projects, how she gets her sound and her plans for the future.

Here is Suzi Quatro…

Suzi Quatro & KT Tunstall – “Truth As My Weapon” (Official Music Video)

“Shine A Light” music video (from the upcoming album)

“Bad Moon Rising” music video (from 2022):

Bass-Solo / Live in Prah? 1979

Glyserine Queen / Bass solo – Tampere Finland

Follow Online:
IG @suziquatroreal
FB @Suziquatrorocks
TW @Suzi_Quatro

Video – Andrew Whitton
Cover and Header Photo – Courtesy of Suzi Quatro

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