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Geddy Lee Endorses Orange Bass Amps

Orange Amps are proud to announce rock legend Geddy Lee of Rush is now using their Orange Bass amps.

Rush are one of rock’s most influential bands, racking third for most consecutive gold or platinum albums after The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. They have sold more than 40 millions albums worldwide across a career that spans over four decades. Respected for both their virtuoso musicianship and song writing, the band have legions of fans.

Geddy Lee’s technical and skill is widely recognised. He has influenced a generation of players and has won countless awards including winning six times ‘ best bass player’.

The band recently announced a forty date North America tour where they will be playing, for the first time ever, their classic album ‘Moving Pictures’ live in it’s entirety. Geddy will be using 2 x Orange AD200 bass heads together with 2 x OBC410 4×10”Bass Cabinets on the tour.

Rush recently won the 2010 Heineken Audience award at the New York’s Trebica film festival for their new film rockumentary ‘Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage’. The film will be screened worldwide on June 7th and tickets for the London and Finish screening sold out in 9 minutes, prompting organisers to add more dates.

Geddy has been working with fellow band mates Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart on their 20th studio album called ‘Clockwork Angels’ with a tentative launch for Spring 2011. They launched two songs from the new album on June 1, 2010 via digital music providers.

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