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June 5&6 2010 TWO DAYS

4th time same place, but twice the fun!
Embassy Suites Hotel Piscataway, NJ

Semi Final Exhibitor list as of 5/31/10

300 Guitars
Atomic Amps
Audio Kitchen Amps
Black Cat Pedals
Blues With Brains
BrownNote Amps
Budda Amps
Carol-Ann Amps
Celestion Speackers
DAR Powertone
East Amplification
Electroplex Amps
Emery Sound
Fane Speakers
Far East Electric
Fractal Audio AXE-FX
Fuchs Amplification
Goodsell Amps
Hahn Guitars
Hermida Audio
Jensen Speakers
K W Cabs
LSL Guitars
Louder & More Amps
Louis Electic
Mahalo Amps
Marshall Amplification
Mather Cabs
Nolatone Amps
Nikita Guitars
Phil Jones Bass Amp
Premier Guitar
Prymaxe Vintage
Probett Guitars
Pure 64 Amps
Reinhardt Amps
Satellite Amps
Solid Cables
Soloway Guitars
Sommatone Amps
Sweetwood Guitars
Tomaszewicz Amps
Tonic Amps
Tube Wonder Amps
Two Notes Eng. Torpedo
Voodoo Amplification
Vox Amplification
Warehouse Speakers
Wizard Amps
More TBA

“TONE WIZARDS” panel 10:30 AM Saturday
Mike Giovannetto – D.A.R. Amps
Billy Yates – Venice Amp Repair, Red Jones,”Outlaws”
Bob Reinhardt – Reinhardt Amps
Trace Davis – Voodoo Amplification
Aleksander Niemand – Tube Wonder Amps
Barry Weber – Moderator

Zvex- Mastortion
Keeley-Keeley Compressor
Cat’s-eye- Mutha’Fuzz
Demeter- Stereo Tremulator
Hip Kitty- Java Distortions, Chameleon, Chorus w/toggle
Surreal Amps- The More Pedal
Pigtronix- Philosopher’s Tone, Envelope Phaser II
Hartman – Tommy Bolin Fuzz, Space Hog
Solid Cables- Cables
Pedaltrain- Pedalboards
Seymoure Duncan – Shape Shifter Tremelo
Fuchs – Plush Cream, NOXIOUS FX Pedals
Hermida Audio – Zendrive 2 Tube
Bennett-Maxfield Music – Pulsator
Eventide – Mod Factor
CMATMODS – Signa Comp-Drive, Brownie, Deeelay
Visual Sound – 1 Spot power supplies
Cause & Effect – FET Dream
Rockett Pedals – Flex Drive
Pfeiffer – Fuzz-O
Fairfield Circuitry -Barber Shop Overdrive
Cheese Blocks – Booster
Belcat – Compressor
Marion Henry – Fuzz Bucket
Resonant – Graviton Boost, Manifold Drive
NOC3 – Pure Drive
Freakish Blues – 3 pedals

PRIZES 4:00PM both days;
Fender G-DEC 30 Amp, Celestion, Curt Mangan 100 sets Strings, Egnater Teaker Amp,
Solid Cables, ZT amp, VOX AC15 AMP & Vox Book, Fuchs Plush Pedal, Warehouse Speakers,
Skin Pimp MKIII pedal, and more TBA

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