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TC Electronic Adds New Amp and Cabinets to the Bass Amp 2.0 Range

The all-new BH500 bass amp and BC cabinets were made for rock!

BH500 is the newest addition to TC Electronic’s Bass Amp 2.0 line up, and combined with the BC410 / BC212 / BC210 cabinet range, it stacks up to become any rig imagineable – for small bar gigs, indoor rock clubs, outdoor stadium concerts, or anything in between!

The BH500 feature set leaves little to be desired with its razor-sharp, tone-shaping tools such as TubeTone™, SpectraComp™ and bass tuned tone controls. TubeTone™ was originally introduced on TC Electronic’s award-winning RH450 bass amp and it replicates both a full preamp and power amp to create classic tube warmth or full-on overdriven rock sounds with a massive punch! SpectraComp™ ensures an even and rock solid tone that cuts through any mix whether the strings are being played fingerstyle, with a heavy pick or slapped hard.

Also, the 3 user memories let users change their tone at any given time while the integrated tuner allows for silent tuning on the fly.

The Tolex covered BC cabs come in 3 models: 4×10”, 2×10” or 2×12”, and they can be mixed and matched as well as stacked both vertically and horizontally. To top it off, the customized Eminence drivers ensure the punch and tightness of the infamous TC Electronic bass tone.

BH500 Main Features:
SpectraComp™ – Multi-band compression.
TubeTone™ – Emulation of both tube preamp and tube power amp.
Presets – Three user defined presets.
On-board Tuner – Bass tuner. Automatically mutes the drivers and balanced out.
TweeterTone™ – Front panel tweeter level control.
4-band EQ – Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble.
Contour – Two contour shapes for instant warm and smooth tones.
TweeterTone™ – Front panel tweeter control.
AUX In– Connection for CD or Mp3 players.
Headphones Output – Automatically mutes the drivers.
Balanced Line Out– XLR connector and switching between pre and post EQ.
Power – 500 watts (1000 watts peak)

BC Cabinets Man Features:
Customized Eminence drivers – Punchy and tight sound with an edge!
Stackability – Stacks up vertically or horizontally.
Power – BC210/212: 250 watt, BC410: 500 watt.
Tolex covered – Great look and durability.

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