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Prince Picks BassIda for His Upcoming Tour with TC Electronic Bass Amp 2.0 Rig

The super funky bass player, BassIda, has entered the ultimate funk school as she is about to hit the road with none other than Prince! And on the tour she is planning to use her trusted TC Electronic Bass Amp 2.0 rig…

For many years, BassIda has been considered as one of the most talented bass players in Denmark, particularly when it comes to funk. Now she has broken into pure funk heaven to become part of Prince’s latest band for his upcoming 20TEN tour.

Even though BassIda may not be well known to mainstream audiences, many bass players are
already aware of her funk skills. Ida released her first solo album last year (Marmalade), and she has been a Bass Amp 2.0 endorsee for TC Electronic from the inception of this revolutionary new line of bass rigs. Numerous videos and more information about BassIda and TC Electronic are available online on as well as BassIda’s MySpace page

Ever since BassIda and TC Electronic started working together, she has been using an RH450 bass amp and RS210 cabinets, but for the Prince tour she will upgrade her rig to include two RS410 cabinets. She says of her award-winning amp: “RH450 has completely changed my view on what a bass amp should be in terms of tone, power and features.”

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