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Epifani Premiers Three Revolutionary New Bass Amplifiers at NAMM 2011

Epifani today announces the availability of three new bass amplifiers, heading up three completely new product lines – the UL501, Piccolo 600 and EpiFunky 300. Each combines industry-legend Nick Epifani’s finest new electronics coupled with industrial design by Romano Ferretti, an award-winning designer. The trio of amplifiers represents a four-year research effort and include an exclusive Epifani-designed Digital amplifier and the highly-refined tone that is the hallmark of Epifani’s sound.

“We were the first to design and produce ultra-light, ultra high-performance bass products with our best-selling UL502 and UL902 amplifiers, and UL cabinets, ” says Nick Epifani, CEO of Epifani. “Our goal then as now, was to not imitate, but to innovate. Moving to even smaller chassis designs and under 7-pound amplifiers required us to start from the ground up to achieve the performance our bass artists demand. While it would have been easy to make a me-too ultralight amplifier before, we didn’t feel the existing technology could compete with analog. So we started with a clean slate. With the UL501, Piccolo 600 and Epifunky 300, you’ll hear bass anew.”

While Nick was rethinking the circuits and sound, he began a collaboration with leading Industrial Designer Romano Ferretti to create innovative styling and packaging for the new product lines. Since both were born and raised in Italy, a country with a long tradition of musical craftsmanship and high-performance design, it was a natural pairing. “As a designer and a touring bassist, I wanted to bring the styling cues of Ferrari and Armani to bass equipment. Why should bassists be stuck with elemental black boxes when musical performance is all about creativity? Epifani wanted to be the first to bring a bit of style and function to the bass world. One glance at the new amplifiers and you’ll ‘get it’”, notes Romano, Design Director at Epifani. The new amplifiers feature stunning graphics, striking colors, ergonomic controls and stylized built-in handles.

While the preamp in the new UL501 has its roots in the studio-grade UL502, the UL501 goes in a whole new direction with a newly-designed lightweight Epifani-designed SMPS and an exclusive Epifani 800-watt Class AB amplifier to create a completely new audiophile sound. This flagship design goes beyond the sound benchmarks set by the UL902, an amplifier that became the go-to choice for many of today’s bass legends. The UL501 auto-selects for voltages from 84V to 240V and 50 or 60 cycles, without the need to change settings. It measures 3.5”h x 12.5”w x 10”d and weighs 7 pounds. Street price is $1199. The UL501 is engineered and assembled in the US.

The new Piccolo 600 features an audiophile-grade Epifani preamp with a ‘Vintage’ tone control selector and a newly-designed lightweight Epifani-designed SMPS. This power supply is coupled with an Epifani-designed, conservatively-rated 600-watt Digital amplifier for a transparent and very powerful bass sound. The Piccolo’s new ‘Vintage’ tone control adds an instant ‘tube amp’ sound to the mix, ideal for classic bass tones. The amplifier dual selects for voltages from 115 to 240V and 50 or 60 cycles. The Piccolo 600 measures 3”h x 11.25”w x 10”d and weighs 4.5 pounds. Street price is $899. The Piccolo 600 is engineered and assembled in the US.

If the UL501 and Piccolo weren’t enough, Epifani is also releasing the new EpiFunky 300 bass amp. The Epifunky 300 borrows liberally from the Piccolo 600’s circuit design, but tones down the power to a very conservatively rated 350-watts. The 300 also incorporates a new “70’s” circuit activated from the front panel for a warmer, rounder tone, and the legendary Epifani Mid Cut ideal for slap players. The EpiFunky 300 includes a newly-designed lightweight Epifani 350-watt Class Digital amplifier for a transparent and punchy sound. The dual-selects for voltages from 115 to 240 and 50 or 60 cycle. It measures 3.5”h x 13”w x 10”d and weighs 4.5 pounds. Street price is $599. The EpiFunky 300 is also engineered and assembled in the US.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Roland Micro Cube

    January 27, 2011 at 5:32 am

    It gives you a great quality of sound and performs better than any other amp that I tried.

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