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Victor Wooten Offers 1st Look… A Show of Hands – 15 and Vix Records

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Victor Wooten Offers 1st Look… A Show of Hands – 15 and Vix Records

So far, Winter NAMM 2011 has been a BLAST, and we have a LOT to share with you in the upcoming week!

But I wanted to make sure to let you know about some exiting news coming your way from Victor Wooten… we had the chance to sit down with him this morning at NAMM (and thanks Victor for the early interview) to talk about some exciting new projects, and Bass Musician Magazine has the 1st official interview about them coming your way this Monday! Until then, we thought you might like a little background on some of his groundbreaking projects…

Fifteen years after releasing his groundbreaking debut CD: A Show of Hands, 5-time Grammy winner Victor Wooten is doing it again with his first release of 2011: A Show of Hands – 15.

Celebrating the fifteen-year anniversary of the original release in 1996, A Show of Hands – 15 hits the streets in March, which will also mark the launch of VIX RECORDS – Victor’s new self owned record label.

Years ago, Wooten shocked the music world by doing something no one had ever done before. With only two hands, one 4-string bass guitar, and no overdubs, he secured his place in history by releasing a masterful CD that raised the level and credibility of the instrument into a class previously reserved only for pianist and guitarist.

A Show of Hands – 15 is a re-mastered version that includes 3 bonus tracks, two of which feature Wooten’s longtime friend and drummer JD Blair, as well as an unedited live solo performance showcasing Wooten’s astonishing command of the bass guitar.

Heralded as “the Michael Jordan of the bass” and “the most influential bassist since Jaco Pastorius”, Victor has gone on to win just about every award possible for a bass guitarist, including Bass Player Magazine’s Bassist of the Year Award (which he won three times – the only person to win it more than once.)

Beginning with A Show of Hands – 15, Victor Wooten will begin taking complete control of his creations by releasing all of his future recordings through VIX RECORDS. Wooten says of his label, “We aim to provide, by example, a different standard and model for record labels and artists, as well as for how they relate to each other. Following my successful approach of creating Music that focuses on filling my soul rather than my pockets, I’ve found that this is the best recipe for doing both.“

So, prepare to have your soul filled, once again, with Victor Wooten’s upcoming new release: A Show of Hands – 15, coming to you this March from the new VIX RECORDS.

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