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Bassist/Producer Marcus Miller Releases “A Night in Monte-Carlo”

“He’s the man in the porkpie hat. Bassist, composer, arranger and producer Marcus Miller matches classical with jazz on A Night in Monte-Carlo, featuring L’Orchestre Philharmonique De Monte-Carlo. Miller, a two-time Grammy Award-winner, has a diverse and vast discography as a leader, producer and sideman. Among his numerous credits are work with Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Donald Fagen, Dizzy Gillespie, David Sanborn, Bob James and Al Jarreau.”

Bass Musician Magazine

“Sure, Marcus Miller hasn’t had a studio disc since 2008’s Marcus, but there are numerous reasons why this superior live set stands eye-level with his in-house efforts. This includes Miller’s use of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra as an instrument; copious amounts of killer fretless work and groove playing; fresh arrangements of his material; and new cover songs to interpret…U.S. orchestral shows would be welcomed.”

Bass Player

A Night in Monte-Carlo is a richly varied, engaging set. Not really for the purists out there…any kind of purist, in fact, as it crosses – or rather, obliterates – lines of style and genre. If you enjoy your jazz (fusion, bebop) mixed with R&B, Brazilian pop, gospel, whatever, this is a veritable treasure-trove.”

Jazz Inside

A Night in Monte-Carlo represents Marcus Miller at his best, flaunting his multifaceted musical identity as bassist, composer, arranger, interpreter, and leader. A Night in Monte-Carlo is an evening of music featuring such greats as Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargrove, Raul Midon, Federico Gonzalez Pena, and Alex Han playing along with the very talented and inspired Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra…A seriously high recommendation almost falls short of my need to have everyone consider taking the time to experience one of the best musical efforts I’ve heard in years.”

“Marcus Miller performing live is indeed a very euphoric experience, and those who have never been so fortunate might as well grab a copy of his latest CD, A Night in Monte-Carlo, which is due for a February 1st release. The CD is a live audio documentation of one of Marcus’ treasured performances in Monaco back in 2008. Marcus is backed up by the L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo and is also joined by trumpeter Roy Hargrove and guitarist Raul Midon. Out of the box, the first track on the CD gives you a good idea of what is to come musically: all the twists and turns of an engaging plot that you would never expect.”

“The concert features Mr. Miller leading both his quartet and the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, with special guests Roy Hargrove (trumpet) and Raul Midón (singer/guitarist). The repertoire for A Night in Monte-Carlo covers nearly a century of music — from two styles of opera to jazz, including a contemporized spiritual and a timeless ballad. What you will hear is beautiful, vibrant, rich music celebrating the beauty of our life with majesty, triumph, and endearing cultural faith. This is music without boundaries or restraint…” ****

Hill Rag (Wash, DC)

“By recording a live album, Miller takes jazz away from the studio and places it in the venue where it is best enjoyed – in front of a live audience where the crowd can see the musicians communicating with each other and creating. Presenting jazz in an orchestral setting enlarges the sound of the jazz and shows how adaptable both jazz and symphonic music can be…that’s the great thing about jazz and jazz musicians. They never cease to surprise and impress their audiences. They seemingly can play or sing anything. That virtuosity shines through on A Night in Monte-Carlo because the qualities that make live recordings so great are always present in jazz regardless of the venue. Recommended.”

Soul Tracks

A Night in Monte-Carlo captures the many different faces of Marcus Miller, from his ability to fluidly cross genres to his unique ability to arrange a classic into a new format, and coupled with the backing of a full orchestra he was unstoppable.”

Luxury Experience

“After 2008’s acclaimed SMV (Heads Up), made in collaboration with fellow bassists Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller reemerges with a brilliant live recording that shows every side of his musicality, which ranges from jazz-fusion to gospel to neo-soul. A Night in Monte Carlo shows every facet of Miller’s talent and musical taste, and it is a great addition to the canon of the Miles Davis Band veteran.”

Newcity (Chicago)

“Miller is quite capable of playing jazz when he wants to, and jazz is the main ingredient on A Night in Monte Carlo. Documenting a November 29, 2008 appearance in Monte Carlo, Monaco, this 63-minute CD unites Miller with the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra as well as with trumpeter/flügelhornist Roy Hargrove…Miller manages to keep things intriguing even on some extremely familiar warhorses. A Night in Monte Carlo is not recommended to jazz purists; this is mainly jazz, but it’s jazz with rock, funk, and hip-hop elements. Fusion lovers, however, will be delighted to hear Miller in this electric jazz-oriented environment.”

All Music

“The music on A Night in Monte-Carlo spans almost 25 years of music from opera to jazz, including a modernized spiritual and a timeless ballad. The program opens with ‘Blast!’ from Miller’s 2008 release Marcus, with an explosive sound of Miller’s quartet and the orchestra.”

No Treble

“Miller’s extensive knowledge of fusion music and his association with Davis certainly fuel a lot of the material on A Night in Monte-CarloA Night in Monte-Carlo was an electric night for jazz and orchestra musicians who were all clicking, and an enthusiastic audience who was treated to a special night indeed.”

The Urban Music Scene

“…One of the bosses of the low frequency, one of the truest of true funkmeisters and one of the most polished in both contemporary and straight-ahead jazz forms, Marcus Miller…The orchestra’s meticulous quality and attention to detail is breathtaking, oft cerebral, celestial in places, and mindful of the fine touches of fine jazz, allowing Miller to bask in its soothing glow as he dances with it, caresses it, leads it with his bass and whatever steers his soul in that direction…Not a project to be hoarded solely by those who would like to claim Miller as someone easily pigeonholed at all, this is Miller the consummate jazz composer.”

Smooth Jazz Ride

“Marcus Miller’s latest offering is a spectacular live concert recorded in Monaco with the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra! A Night In Monte-Carlo is one of the best live recordings ever released by the GRAMMY award-winning bassist/composer/arranger and there’s no doubt that you’ll agree after listening to this rich display of musicality by some of the world’s greatest musicians. Joined by an all-star ensemble that features such greats as Roy Hargrove, Herbie Hancock, D.J. Logic, Raul Midon and Miller’s core band of Federico Pena, Poogie Bell, and Alex Han, this set rocks – BIG TIME!”

Sounds of Timeless Jazz

“Way past being simply a jazz concert, Miller outdoes himself and makes a mark that can’t be doubted.  A wonderful, pure musical experience throughout.”

Midwest Record

“Bassist, producer, composer, and all-around musician Marcus Miller has been a student, leader, creator, interpreter, master and a mentor in the art form of music from his teen years to the present and he continues this legacy with A Night in Monte-Carlo, a live audio document of an amazing concert he was commissioned to perform on November 29, 2008 in the ‘rich man’s playground’ of Monaco.”

Afro American Syndicate

A Night In Monte-Carlo is the brand new album from jazz legend Marcus Miller. It provides a stunning audio record of a concert that he performed on November 29, 2008 in the principality of Monaco and finds him leading both his own quartet and the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra through a repertoire of music that spans almost a century. Not only that, with operatic selections plus guest appearances from trumpeter Roy Hargrove and singer – songwriter Raul Midon, this is just about eclectic as it gets…Very different and of the highest quality imaginable this is a must for Marcus Miller fans everywhere.”

Smooth Jazz Therapy

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