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Sight Reading For the Bass by Ron Velosky

Review by Dave Tuckman –

Sight Reading For the Bass by Ron Velosky, has been a mainstay here, practically forever.

It was back in 1999 when Ron first approached us with the intent to carry his book – and beyond the quality of the title itself, it was also the start of a great friendship. It was always a pleasure to hear from Ron, and through his book, it kept us connected with what he was doing both musically and in life.

Tragically, on February 1, 2002, we lost Ron at the young age of 43 to a brain aneurysm. It came as a shock to everyone, and his loss remains a reminder through today of how fragile things can be – and how special what he have at the moment really is.

Through his loss, we had the great fortune of becoming good friends with his family – specifically his parents. In memory of Ron, they continued with the publication of his book, so his presence within the Bass community could live on.

In August 2010, Ron Sr. (father) reached out, with the idea of passing the torch to, in continuing the publication and distribution of his book. An agreement was finalized, so we are excited and proud to keep the legacy that is both Ron and his book alive. Effective as of October 1, 2010, has been excited to be providing all of the publishing and distribution services for Sight Reading For The Bass. In January of 2011, we completed the 5th official print run of this title, marking the 1st run, done by us (

We are excited and appreciative for this opportunity to continue to find ways in which we can continue to contribute to the Bass community in large.

This book is designed to develop sight reading skills in bass students. Each page presents either a new concept or reviews previously explored materials. The book starts at a beginning level and moves progressively to an advanced level. Teachers using this text may assign either entire or partial pages as homework depending on the students ability. Because sight reading is an acquired skill, it is strongly suggested that the teacher and student seek out other materials for sight reading to augment and reinforce the materials in this text. Written in standard notation only (no TAB).

Sight Reading For the Bass by Ron Velosky available at

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