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MusicCord Power Cord Bass Demo Video

MusicCord Power Cord is taking advantage of these new multimedia opportunities to demonstrate ESP power cord performance. Check out the new demonstration videos with guitar and bass amplifiers. The difference is obvious!

Click here to hear for yourself

MusicCord Power Cord Guitar & Bass Demo Videos
For our international customers, MusicCord Professional Series power cords are now available with molded SCHUKO and UK plug options. Read more here. To make our products more convenient and affordable than ever we’ve just negotiated dramatically reduced FedEx International Economy shipping rates! Now international purchases can be delivered anywhere in the world for $29 or less.

Support continues to build among artists and studio professionals. Bassists Gerald Veasley and Melvin Lee Davis, and acoustic guitarist Michele Ramo are among the numerous artists to recently endorse MusicCord. Read what they and other artists have to say here .

Take advantage of EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS for ESP NEWS subscribers! Enjoy a 20% DISCOUNT on purchases from the ESP Online Store by using the following coupon code at checkout:


Hurry! – this discount coupon expires Friday, April 8

Visit online at

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