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Graph Tech Adds Ghost System to Carvin Basses

Graph Tech Guitar Labs, the world’s largest guitar nut and saddle manufacturer is excited to announce that Carvin’s P Series B2 Bass, the Signature guitar of Brian Bromberg, is equipped with the ghost System.

“I have been using Graph Tech Ghost saddles with piezo pickups on my basses for years, they are fantastic! I am proud to use them on my Carvin P Series B2 Basses. It’s amazing to be able to turn a knob and have a completely different, almost acoustic sound. Between the Graph Tech piezo saddles, steel, piccolo, and even nylon strings, you can get one bass to sound like several different basses! Very cool indeed,” said Brian Bromberg, Jazz Bassist and Record Producer.

To create the ultimate bass guitar, Carvin considered the technically demanding style of the famed Bassist, Bromberg, and combined that with a modern and slick design.  The P Series Bass is equipped with ghost Acousti-phonic System by Graph Tech, which diversifies the bass, offering more options and control over the type of sound, in studio or live.  This allows you to achieve electric, authentic acoustic or any blend of both with one instrument.

“For piezo/synth applications, Graph Tech clearly has the best performing bridges and electronics for creating true acoustic synth tones,” says Mark Kiesel, VP Carvin Guitars.

Surrounded by String Saver saddle material, the ghost Acousti-phonic captures the natural acoustics of your electric bass, which can then be amplified or recorded directly, without the problems associated with a live or studio amplified acoustic guitar.

The B2 Bass is also equipped with a self-lubricating, harmonically rich Black TUSQ XL nut by Graph Tech.



About Carvin Guitars
For over 60 years, Carvin has been building high-quality guitars, basses, amps and audio gear for pro and hobbyist musicians alike. And because we sell directly to the customer, with no middle man, you can save a lot of money on gear equal to or better than gear found in retail shops.

About Graph Tech Guitar Labs
Founded in 1983 by President Dave Dunwoodie, Graph Tech Guitar Labs manufactures more guitar nuts and saddles than any other company in the world. Focused on innovations to improve guitar tone and vibration for optimal performance, Graph Tech is the maker of TUSQ® and Black TUSQ® XL man-made ivory, String Saver™ saddles, String Saver™ Classics steel saddles, ResoMax™ Harmonic Bridge System, and ghost® Modular Pickup System. The world’s leading retailers and luthiers choose Graph Tech products, as well as guitar manufacturers including: Carvin, Fender, Gibson, Godin, Hagstrom, Ibanez, Jay Turser, Lag, L’arrivee, Martin Guitars, Ovation, Peavey, Samick, Schecter, Taylor Guitars, and Yamaha Custom Shop. For more information, visit or call 604-940-5353.

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