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Inside the Harvey Citron Shop by Guest Writer Steve Rosati

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Inside the Harvey Citron Shop by Guest Writer Steve Rosati

A guitarist and former architect, Harvey Citron started building guitars and pickups in 1974. He co-founded Veillette-Citron in 1975, designed the Guild/Citron/X-92 Breakaway Guitar in the early 1980’s, and has been building Citron Guitars & Basses since 1994, with a focus on his unique hollow models.

“I’m a designer first and foremost. My life as a builder of guitars and basses has been a quest for discovering new palettes of sound from which my customers can express themselves.” —Harvey Citron

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About Author/Videographer Steve Rosati

Playing the bass has always been an integral part of Steve Rosati’s life, you could say he was born to play bass. Under the guidance of his father who is also a musician Steve learned what the low notes were all about. tinkering on his fathers piano Steve always seemed to gravitate to the low end his father realizing this helped to encourage the young boy to seek out the bass so it was at the young age of 6 Steve got his first bass and it’s been a life long love affair since.

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