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It’s Important by Dino Fiorenza

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It’s Important by Dino Fiorenza

Dino Fiorenza’s “It’s Important…”  I listen to a lot of the CD’s I review on my way to work in the mornings. I can tell you that the first thirty seconds of Dino Fiorenza’s “It’s Important” will get you going!

Dino brings rapid-fire accuracy and musicality to the table. He has predominantly a “Rock” feel that kind of reminds me of a mixture of “Queen” and a mutant 70’s metal band. Some of the tracks exhibit Dino’s other facets and his bass is highlighted throughout the entire CD.

Dino has recruited a massive wealth of talent and I would point out that the percussion section is just insane (In a good way)! The guitar work is tight and precise with lot’s of cool pedal effects; We have some serious shredding here!

Dino comes out of the box hard and fast with his first track “Tap that bass”. I always like the first cut to get my attention and this one does. Dino give us a sample of his chops and the rest of the CD follows suit.

Another favorite of mine is “Little Toy” where we leave the heavy metal and get a nice balance of acoustic guitar and bass. We need to have a mellow piece to get our pulse down after all the fast stuff.

“Mr. Vester” is another example of Dino’s tight Bass work. Excellent Slap and pop with a cool groove. This piece has attitude!

“It’s Important” is a great CD to get your blood pumping, Check it out at




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