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Rotosound Strings Now Available to Purchase on

Rotosound have teamed up with Shopatron to launch a new online store, reinforcing Rotosound’s commitment to maintaining the highest possible customer service. Now you will always be able toorder the complete range of Rotosound strings and accessories you want, when you want, twenty four / seven, and choose to either get them delivered or go and collect them from your local dealer.

The online store is accessible directly from the Rotosound website. Simply click on the ‘BUY HERE’ button to place an order which will then be processed by selected UK Rotosound dealers. Your local dealer will fulfil the order, so you won’t lose that personal touch.

We wanted a way for our customers to easily find and purchase any of our products, whilst still allowing them to maintain a contact with their local dealer’ said Jason How, Rotosound Managing Director. ‘This system is safe, simple, and convenient. It gives you access to the whole range of Rotosound products, a choice of delivery options, all from an authorised dealer.’

The Shopatron network is secure and easy to use with a full range of delivery options and order related services plus it sends an email to confirm your order. Shopatron takes every measure to protect your personal information by following stringent payment industry security standards.

Your convenience is Shopatron and Rotosound’s top priority.

The new online Rotosound Shopatron service is available in the USA through and UK through

To find out more about Rotosound strings and accessories visit  and buy them online.


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