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Bass the Chord by Gerardo Colon Ortiz

Our good friend Gerardo Colon Ortiz has just released a new title: Bass The Chord. We’ve enjoyed Gerardo’s books for years, and this is one no exception. I’m sure there’s a direct correlation of where my skills are presently at,  but after getting the opportunity to spend the past couple weeks working through Bass The Chord, I can definitely say this has helped improve my abilities as a Bass player.

The book takes 11 musical examples, highlighting different styles (Funk, Salsa, Blues, Bossa, etc.). Each example comes in 2 flavors: 1 is just the Bass line, showing the fundamental groove of the of the line. The 2nd version is the same line, but with added chord embellishments that take the same line to a whole new level.

Once I got into the examples provided, it was a great eye opener, on the approach in general (as well as the specific examples). I’ve taken this approach to different styles and songs in my practice, and that has made these concepts even more rewarding than the content of the title itself.

IN HIS OWN WORDSMaintain the Groove, Add some Chords and Have Fun!!!

These grooves in connection with the chords are going to make the bass lines more interesting and you will have a more complete picture of the rhythm and harmony in each exercise.

The bass line won’t be sacrificed. In other words if you play a bass line in the style of salsa, blues, rhythm changes, funk, afro-cuban, son montuno, boogie woogie, samba or bossanova you will always maintain the essence of the groove and at the same time add a different color; chords.

Also you can utilize these grooves in a section of a bass solo to demonstrate another aspect of the instrument’s technique, as well as being able to experiment with them in any other style of music. Written in standard notation and TAB. Audio tracks are in MP3 format. 21 pages. Available as an ebook (the book and m3 files), so it’s immediately available upon purchase.

Bass the Chord by Gerardo Colon Ortiz available at

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