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BassBrites, a Revolution in Bass String Care

BassBrites USA is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary new string-cleaning product for bass players: BassBrites Advanced String CleanerBassBrites seal and protect strings from oxidation and corrosion so strings keep their bright, new tone for much longer.

Bass guitar strings are expensive, a pain to change, and they start sounding dull fast.  Unlike other cleaners that use alcohol or cloths with no formula, BassBrites are small wipes engineered with a unique formula that seals and protects strings from oxidation and corrosion caused by acid from the player’s hands. With this formula, BassBrites go way beyond just cleaning strings – they refresh and enliven dead strings and keep new strings sounding new for much longer.

Bass players have tried all kinds of homemade remedies to make their strings last, such as boiling their strings or soaking them in alcohol. While these may work briefly, they don’t last and don’t get at the core problem of acid corrosion like BassBrites do.

After an initial trial period, BassBrites quickly found a loyal following among bass players around the country and continues to grow as bass players discover how much longer their strings can last.

BassBrites is the first cleaning formula designed specifically for bass players, but they also work perfectly on guitar and any other metal stringed instrument.

BassBrites are available online through and for $10.99 for 30 wipes.

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