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Superscope Makes Play-Along Recording and Transcription Simple with Elevation Software

Designed for ease of use by musicians, music educators, and students, Superscope Technologies, Inc., presents Elevation™ software for music practice and recording.  Elevation combines high performance digital signal processing (DSP) with a simple interface so musicians, vocalists, and students can record over play-along tracks, document ideas, and transcribe existing recordings from their music libraries.

“Our customers don’t want to be studio engineers,” says Market Development Manager Tim Smyth.  “They want to perform, compose, and teach, and Elevation allows them to accomplish their individual goals without facing a steep learning curve.”

Piano Teacher Terri Krause Hlubek finds Elevation extremely easy to use, and as a software product loves the portability on her laptop. Hlubek says about the ease of the product, “I simply record my students on Elevation, type in the title of the composition and name of performer, and save it in each students’ private playlist. We then assess the performance by listening to it together, talk about what we could change and, if we don’t like it, we simply press delete and re-record.”

Elevation allows users to record concerts, rehearsals, or song ideas at high quality 16- or 24-bit audio resolution (WAV, MP3). Elevation works with most USB microphones or USB interfaces and is compatible with both Mac and PC.

As with Superscope’s line of professional digital recording systems, users can play a song file (CD Audio, WAV, AIFF, MP3, and WMA) in a different key while preserving the tempo, as well as slow down music without affecting the key. Key and tempo changes may be combined for ultimate control. Sections of music can be seamlessly looped for practice purposes, and vocalists can reduce the lead vocal from stereo recordings to sing along with favorite selections. Once a track has been customized, Elevation allows users to record over the customized accompaniment track using the Overdub feature.

A huge fan of the software, Ann Harris, a church choir director from South Carolina, uses Elevation almost every day. The real-time tempo control feature allows her to slow down rehearsal tracks, so the choir can listen closely and hear the separate parts. She explains, “I’ve got choir members that don’t read music as they learn by ear, so the rehearsal CDs really help them.” She adds, “Superscope’s Elevation has been a major timesaver for me. I don’t want to think about what I would do without it!”

In addition to the high performance digital signal processing by iZotope, Inc., Elevation features music library management, a metronome with settings for accent beats, and custom playlists that can be burned to CD-R or CD-RW.

Elevation LE is a high performance practice and transcription tool that includes all of the features found in Elevation, but without the recording capabilities or CD burning.

Free demonstration versions of both Elevation and Elevation LE for PC and Intel Mac may be downloaded at

Superscope Technologies

Headquartered in Geneva, Illinois, Superscope Technologies, Inc., develops and markets audio products to meet the needs of professional and amateur musicians, music educators and their students, and vocalists throughout the world.  For more information, please visit

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