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Under Eye Released from UK Metal Band Seven7, Featuring Fretless Bass Player Arran McSporran

“Under Eye” will be released through the independent UK label MGP Records on 1st August 2011. Full of melodies combined with heavy riffs and tribal rhythms, Seven7 are a breath of fresh air on the metal scene. The first demos emerged in 2006 but the line-up was not finalised until 2007. The band consists of Dave Brown on Vocals and percussion, Swiss guitarist Nick Meier on guitars as well as the Turkish Oud, Saz and baglama, Arran McSporran on fretless bass and Danish drummer Claus Thylstup.

Their debut album Try Something Different was released in June 2009. The album features guest guitar solos from Steve Smyth (Nevermore/Testament) as well as additional percussion by Pete Riley (Guthrie Govan/Keith Emerson).

The brand new album called “Under Eye” was mixed by Nick Kacal and mastered by Rupert Christie and will be out on 1st August 2011. With special guest Pete Riley on drums, the album is a tour-de force linking Meier’s love of oriental scales and rhythms that he has brought across from his jazz band The Nicolas Meier Group, with the grooves and riffs of heavy metal. With Dave Brown’s deep melodic growls, Riley’s technical grooves and McSporran’s souring fretless lines, the album is “contemporary metal that explores many styles from proggy stuff through to the hard rhythms of Fear Factory, but the sound is always cohesive” (Live review).

Seven7 were a featured band and performed a special gig at the world renowned Bath International Guitar Festival in 2008. They have been regularly gigging and gaining exposure
around the South East of England since 2007.

“McSporran plays the finest (fretless) bass heard in metal in a very long time.” (

“Seven Words to describe SEVEN7: melodic, technical, trippy, tribal, innovative, heavy,
versatile… ”
– John Biscomb (TERRORIZER)

“Imagine Slipknot’s instrumentalists…with the bastard son of Hetfield and Zakk Wylde
singing. Ooh and Steve Vai playing on top of a mountain. Epic non-power metal”
– James Gill (METAL HAMMER)

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