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Acoustic Image Series 4


Acoustic Image announced the launch of its new Series 4 products, incorporating a number of new features, including an even higher fidelity amplifier system.

Series 4 products—two amp heads, four 1X10 combos, and two 2×10 combos–are available immediately from dealers, with an initial lag of two weeks from date of order.

Common to all heads and combos is AI’s new, lighter pre/power amplifier (500 Watts continuous at 1% distortion, 600 Watts music power) which delivers characteristically transparent AI sound but with even greater headroom to accommodate transients and with lower noise and distortion.  Series 4 Combo cabinets are unchanged except that all now employ the Cabrio Docking System™ which allows the amp head to be removed for separate use (interchangeably with Series III). In addition, all preamps now include high quality effects and a switchable limiter which allows players to control distortion when playing at the limits of amps and combos.

All Series 4 combos also include new custom woofers with ceramic magnets and the crossover on 1X10 combos has been redesigned to improve power handling for the midrange driver.  The new crossover also includes a midrange level control for greater sonic variety.

“Series 4 is a direct result of feedback from musicians around the world and our own deep commitment to continuous improvement,” said Rick Jones, AI’s founder and Chief Designer. “We have taken what we believe are the highest fidelity products in the industry and improved them, at the same time simplifying choice and reducing the cost of production through component development and manufacturing efficiencies—with those cost reductions applied to stem price increases and/or reduce prices.”

“While the new ceramic-magnet woofers add about two pounds of weight per woofer, they actually sound smoother due to a flatter frequency response,” Jones added.  “They are also considerably less expensive than neo woofers for which future pricing and availability are unpredictable at best.”

Jones also emphasized that the AI warranty, which provides the best and longest protection in the industry,  is unaltered.

For more information on the Acoustic Image Series 4, visit online at

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