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Barefaced Bass Cabinets New Model – Big Twin

Barefaced Bass Cabinets New Model Big Twin is the epitome of the “no compromise” bass cab. If you’ve ever stood out front at a large venue whilst the bass is simultaneously thundering and punching through a massive high-end PA system with no mud or boom and thought “that’s the sound I want!” then this is the cab for you, explained Alex Claber of Barefaced Ltd

The Big Twin combines two high-excursion 12″ woofers in an oversized cab with huge ports to produce the same maximum loudness as a pro quality conventional 6×10″ or 4×12″ but with almost an octave of extra lows. The high-output midrange driver has such great accuracy and off-axis response that your tone will hardly vary however loud the gig or poor the venue acoustics. And that tone can be whatever you want, from the smoothest slap to the gnarliest growl or deepest dub, the Big Twin will handle 1500W of power and turn it into seriously loud tonefulness.

Despite the imposing looks the Big Twin has been designed for gigging every night of the week with top and side handles, tiltback wheels and a tall slim profile that fits through doorways and into cars with ease, whilst the unique enclosure construction results in a rock solid cab that weighs only 55lbs (24kg). Prices start at £905 with black steel or silver cloth grills and an optional tweeter for those that always want that brand new string sound. Barefaced Ltd are now shipping Big Twins direct to anywhere in Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia. For more information about the whole range of lightweight bass cabinets visit

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